Tiwa Savage!


Now, I love nigerian talent. I mean with artistes like p square, d banj, whizkid, banky on the scene things have never been better. For a long time we lacked good female naija acts…I mean apart from sasha and maybe bouqui there were no female artistes that could even stand close to our male artistes.
However with people like waje, asa and tiwa on the scene things are looking up for the female artiste.
Tiwa has particularly impressed me, however I was deeply saddened when i saw the video for her song “love me, love me, love me”. I mean the faux jacket she wears with her boobies all out? so not necessary! Its so sad “cus tiwa should be a role model to young nigerians… and pulling a “rihanna” in a video is so not the way to go. Please tiwa next time you do not need to go naked to do a video ok?

I don’t want to be all preachy o..but our bodies are temples of God.. Even as Nigerian we are known for our values, lets try and preserve them.

**Update: she even went a step further in the video above…ain’t judging but I think her other videos where she covers more are cooler.


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  1. i so feel u on this. i love her songs but i didnt get the beyonce wanna be dressing and now the rihanna styling…she has a beautiful body but she could still show case it in a way that would make us proud to be trully and wholly Naija. i am put off by her style..(and i am entitled to have a personal opinion) and this puts me off her song.

  2. Tiwa is good on her own. I like her and I see nothing wrong with her style. Everyone has their own life to live. So please let's not talk about her mode of dress is her choice. Nigerians should stop all those uncivilise attitudes let's follow the western world. Keep it up girl you got a talant!

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