Enenche Akogwu- Channels Reporter: RIP


Just heard the sad news of the death of Enenche Akogwu. The young man was killed by suspected Boko Haram followers while investigating the Kano bombings being carried out by the same sect.

The fearless reporter was Channels Kano correspondent and often covered Nigerias troubled northen region. At the time of his death he was 31 years old. I cant imagine how his family and loved ones will feel.

Update: Just a few days ago some of his colleagues gave a moving tribute to him on their breakfast show. One of them (suleyman) was vivsibly upset and berated our Government for not being able to secure the lives of its citizenry. Lets continue to pray for our Nation, that one day our Leaders will get it right.

RIP Enenche Akogwu

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