Couple Goals!

You know that couple that just looks perfect? We see them
many times… easy on the eye, charming, in sync, and from all appearances, a
perfect match. But the truth is that many times we can tell nothing from what
we see externally.
People who look great together may indeed have a good
marriage, but they could also be clawing at each other’s throats behind closed
doors. Meanwhile, those who look mismatched in the eyes of the world may be
enjoying marital bliss. You see, with marriage there is no magic formula. It’s
an institution that brings together different people from different backgrounds,
and while some are blessed to have it easy, with others it’s a tough and rough
road. Some start well and encounter road bumps later on, while others have a
tough start and things smoothen with time. For some, it’s turbulence all

recently, a friend and I lamented on the preponderance of troubled
marriages. Many women are buckling under the pressure of all sorts of
abuse or having to take the financial reins while being subjected to
bruised ego. There are also a number of men fighting their marital
battles. Oftentimes, people suffer in silence while putting up
appearances. Many of these issues start as small blisters which are
ignored and like neglected sores, they soon become ravaging wounds.The fact is that it takes both parties resolve to make a success of a marriage.  Here are a few things we noted (amongst many) that a couple could do to make things better when facing tough times in a marriage relationship…

Pray: Yep, God
cares about your happiness, and miracles do happen. God can change an ugly
situation and make all things beautiful. Ask God to help you and your spouse
understand each other better in spite of your shortcomings and imperfections.
While having your personal prayer time is important, also take time to pray
together as a couple.
*Note that where there is violence, what’s most important is
your safety and well-being. You can pray for your spouse from a place of
Patience: Rome
was not built in a day. Many happy couples will tell you that things weren’t
always so smooth, but as they understood each other and matured over time, things
got better. Not every battle is worthwhile, so try not to lose your temper over
little things. When you see small improvements, remember to encourage each
other, even when progress seems to be slow. As long as your physical and mental
well-being is not at risk, do be patient with each other.
Plan: It’s good
to have a plan for your marriage. Your marriage goals should not be what you
“think” another couple has; rather they should be to water your own
garden and nourish your home. Your plans should be to raise a family in peace
and unity. Your plans may include spending more quality time with each other or
attending marriage retreats. Don’t get me wrong – there is nothing wrong with
looking up to another couple, but ultimately what you should look up to is to
you and your spouse bringing out the best in each other, with God’s help.
May we surpass our goals!

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  1. A great write up Chioma.There is no set pattern for a successful marriage. Whatever works for the couple is their own success recipe . However,a good marriage is a make up of two individuals who refused to give up on each other despite their inadequacies.

  2. Thanks Chioma… Not married yet but many times I could get carried away by outward appearances and judge a strong marriage based on what I see. Truth is I'm no judge, and there's always more than meets the eye. So its important we focus on our own relationship and stop keeping tabs on others.

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