Going back to school- Chinenye’s story



One of the toughest things I’ve done is going back to school with my toddler in tow! A lot of people (including myself)
wondered how I would cope, but with God it’s gone really well! One day I will
share my story but now let’s hear from delectable Mrs. Chinenye Nwangwu-Olufade
who is our WCW this week and has a story very similar to mine.
just bagged an MBA from the prestigious University
Of Houston with her little daughter in tow!! This beautiful lady tells us the how
despite having to juggle mother hood, student hood and a part time job she came
out tops!..


I knew  it was going to be tough, but nobody told me exactly how hard it would be. In retrospect I’m glad I did not know as If I had realised how hard it would be to attend school with a 2 year old, I probably would not have taken the bold step. I would have been like many other mothers who have shelved their dreams due to the belief that they cannot deal  with the stress of motherhood and academia. Through this process I have learnt a as a woman, I am stronger than I think I am, and that the beautiful gift of motherhood must never be used as an excuse for not fulfilling my destiny.

The decision to go back to school was adifficult one as it meant quitting my prestigious job, leaving my husband
behind, and travelling half way across the globe with a little child who was not even potty-trained! I was petrified to say the least, but thank God for a supportive husband who believed in me even when I didn’t believe I myself. At
home I had more help than I needed, but all of a sudden I was left alone without help and far away from home. I had to learn to do everything myself, and to make matters even worse I was in Business school to get an MBA even
though my background was in healthcare and clinical practice. I remember sitting in my first Finance class and wondering what the hell the Professor was talking about!
I struggled with my academics, and to be honest I didn’t understand half of what was being taught for the first few weeks. I had to study twice as hard to catch up to my classmates who had business backgrounds,but then I also had my child to take care of. I remember being late to pick her from the day care one day, I received a call from the daycare threatening tocall Child Protective Services on me, I was scared! I cannot count the number
of nights I held my child and cried because I felt helpless and about to lose my mind. In the midst of all this, I had to take up a part-time job! That meant only about 4 hours of sleep daily including weekends.
In no time people felt sorry for me, and I also began to feel sorry for myself. I would throw pity parties and say to myself “if only I didn’t have this child here with me, my life would be easier”. However one day as I looked at my daughter, I realized how blessed I was to have her. As tears streamed down  my eyes, I said “God, this child is a blessing from you, and she would never be the reason for me to fail” and  from that day on I stopped using her as an excuse for not being the best I could be, instead she became the reason I worked even harder and strived for the best.
The moment I made that decision, it was as if the heaven’s opened over me. I quit complaining about how hard my life was, but became grateful for the opportunity to be an example to my daughter. At first I wore my stress on my face, but not anymore! I stepped up my make-up and dressing game. It’s amazing how a good concealer can cover up those sleep deprivation-induced under-eye bags. Ladies, when you look good, you feel good
too. Motherhood must not be an excuse to let go of our dreams, rather it shouldbe our reason to keep at it.Fast forward to two years later, I have my MBA and also received the Deans award for academic excellence. The odds were stacked up against me but I did it, and so can you!
Wow! Isn’t this an awesome story!! Rather than use her daughter as an excuse to slack she used her as a source of motivation. Whatever your future plans are remember that with the right mindset and Gods help you can do ALL things. Read some of my tips here about going back for school with children.

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