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So recently I began to realise that I know so many amazing women who
are simply inspirational. While I may not know some of them personally I
have been able to learn alot from these women and decided to share.

we are speaking to Bolaji Sofoluwe who is a someone I am proud to call a
sister. She is bold, courageous and bursting full of ideas .Bolaji is also one of the most passionate and loyal people i know. She is
married to Sobayo and is a proud Mum of two beautiful girls
Zara who is 9 and Jael who is 6. I hope you learn a thing or two from
our woman crush of the week!

Tell us  a little about your self:

was born some 37 years ago in Birmingham but was raised in Calabar. I
am a Mum and Mrs. Professionally, I am a Management Consultant
specialised in Global Strategy for African Businesses. I help African
companies engage with the world from a growth perspective which is
either through strategic, technical or financial partnerships or just
good old fashioned Trade. I am an International Conference Speaker,
author and faculty member at the Centre for African Business Education.
I am a Co-Founder/Director at the Enterprise Training and Knowledge Group, United Kingdom.

What’s does Enterprise Training and Knowledge Group (ETK) do?

are not just working for companies to grow financially but we aim for a
total shift in mindsets and perception. Africa has had such a poor
image for so many years. For those of us whose origins are found on the
continent, we must work together to ensure that this changes. We are UK
based for that precise reason.

You must be very busy, how are you able to combine running ETK and motherhood?
husband and I have a great partnership. We share equal responsibility
with the upbringing of our children. When I am away, I am constantly in
tune with what happens in my home and make sure practically, Sobayo (my
husband) is well equipped – so food is cooked and frozen, hair is neat
and tidy, home is clean. When I am in the country, my office is just 5
minutes away
from home and the children’s schools. I am the nosey
mum who asks hundreds of questions to make sure I have good insight as
to what is happening in their lives, emotionally, physically and

Even with a  great husband there must be times
when things get really hectic, how do you manage to make time for your
daughters at such times?

must make the time. I never miss a play, a recital or anything they attach a huge
amount of importance to. I try my best to preserve my integrity with
them by keeping little promises. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t get it
right ALL the time. Zara is older so I tell her how demanding my
schedule is. She understands this and she values the time we spend
together. We also try to create memories that would last forever at
every given opportunity.
What’s your best advice for working mums especially those with young children?

investigate and then find your own formula. This may mean trying
different routines/practices. Everyone has a formula that works best for
them, so I wouldn’t be prescriptive. All I can say is your home is your
priority at all times. The truth is the earth will most definitely keep
spinning without you so make sure you prioritise family at all times.
Single mums that are friends of mine have found that being surrounded by
a good community of friends helps a huge deal.

How do you refresh and reinvigorate yourself?

can be quite difficult! But I love to listen to music – even when I am
cooking. I go for a prayer weekend in Nice, Paris, which is an annual
event for spiritual refreshment. I love walking. I walk to most places
and do long walks of up to 10K with friends when the weather is nice 🙂

How do you think being a mum has affected what you do?
was the very reason I do what I do. I needed something that made me
dictate the rules – within discipline. Our world is changing and I
believe close parent interaction is so important for our children.

What lessons do you hope your children will learn from you? 

how to work hard and still be a fun person! How to care for others, be
independent and still love and be fiercely loyal to  their husband,
children, family and friends.

Thanks Bolaji its been a  pleasure chatting with you!


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