Woman Crush Wednesday! Chinelo Ikeme




Our crush today is the beautiful Chinelo. This 36 year old lady is
smart, driven and happens to be my cousin. Lets learn how she left the Corporate world to run a thriving Hair and Beauty business.

 Chinelo tell us a little about yourself.

I have my ancestral roots in Nnewi but I was born, bred, schooled and  married in Lagos. Having lived all my life here I am a complete Lagos babe and people say I
now look like a Lagosian (laughs)

I studied Banking and Finance at the prestigious University of Lagos. I am
married to a wonderful man and we have 4 lovely kids, a boy who is 11 , a set of
twins who are 10 (a girl and a boy) and the last boy who is 2 years old. I used
to be a banker and worked in 2 different banks for a span of 6years. While I worked in the bank I had actually started my business and was combining it with banking, eventually I resigned to go into it full time.How did you combine banking with young children?Well I started my banking
career right after my twins turned 8 months and had to enroll them in day care
as soon as they turned 1. Those 6 years were the most hectic 6yrs
of my life but I don’t regret any bit of it because the experience I
garnered in those years have served as a guide in my foray into the
world of business.

We know you are into the hair and beauty business tell us about your business.
I am the CEO Of MyHair Ltd where we sell the best quality pure and timeless human hair. We have also gone beyond selling hair and have opened  a
hair treatment and workshop center in our mainland office on Herbert
Macaulay road. Our flagship store in Lekki Phase 1 is a one-stop shop where we have a salon section, makeup
section and a hair products section. In addition to running MyHair Ltd, I
am also the financial director of Moore Enterprises Nig Ltd, the sole
franchisee of ICR automotive products in Nigeria.
I know Moore Enteprises was started by your father of blessed memory what lessons did you learn from him as an entrepreneur? Firstly I learnt hardwork as my father was a very hard-working ‎man. He
had an  exceptionally calculating and pre-meditating mind and never sat still waiting for things to happen or catch him unawares. This set him apart and put him far ahead of his competitors allowing him achieve a remarkable level of success and fame he had
before he died. After his death, we all buckled up and picked up the
reigns from where he stopped. My mum took over running Moore Enterprises
and put each of us in key management positions. Over the years, we have
all developed the same calculating mind which has helped us take the
business to even greater heights
Alot of people sell hair, what makes MyHair Ltd stand out?
Firstly we sell hair of premium quality, we never settle for
anything less than the best, purest and most timeless hair. MyHair Ltd intends to remain in this business for a very long time and therefore guarantees our
customers only the best.Secondly, wearing and
managing human hair requires proper hair care and treatment so we
support our clients by providing free consultation, seamless customer care and professional after-sales services. At our hair treatment and workshop centre, we
can turn your new or old weaves into beautiful custom-made wigs. We
treat, colour, revive and restore all types of human hair extensions and our able to meet our clients’ diverse hair needs.
are your able balance your busy schedule  with running a home?
The most important thing I do
daily is to start my day with prayers. I hand everything to God and ask Him to order my steps thoughout the day.  I make sure I surround myself with the right people as the staff you surround yourself
with determines your productivity to a large extent.  Its really important to hire competent and
dedicated domestic and office staff that provide the required help and
support as and at when required, this helps create a crucial balance.
your best advice for working mums especially those with young

Make sure you get the help you need as no one is super human. It is important to delegate when
necessary but never delegate important decisions. In the midst of all
the rush, work stress and traffic madness, we still need to keep our
home under our control. Our children are totally dependent on us to make
the right decisions for them so let us never take that for granted. Most importantly pray
without ceasing so God can keep us and our loved ones away from all the
horrid stories we hear in the news everyday.
do you make time for your children esp when things are really hectic?

try to come home as early as possible on weekdays, so no matter what I shut down at 7pm and head home. I spend my weekends with the children watching TV and generally taking it easy. While I am home with them I listen to their simple
conversations and observe them when they are in their elements and from this I learn a lot about my children.
What do you do to relax and unwind?I am most calm when I’m in church especially just  before mass starts and everywhere is
still calm and quiet. I talk to my God and spend quiet calming moments
in His presence. I also enjoy swimming and jogging too. When I am engaged in any of these activities I find that I am
totally relaxed and stress free. Another way I relax is by going on vacation with my husband. I find it really relaxing as its just us without the children and I am really able to rest, bond and return home rejuvenated.

lessons do you hope your children will learn from you?

I hope they
learn to be honest, God-fearing, humble and hardworking adults. You can
never go wrong in life with these values. Honesty in life and in my business has helped
me go a long way in my business. It has made me gain the trust and
endearment of my clients and they always return back to MyHair Ltd.

Thanks Chinelo we wish you all the very best!

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