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Now make-up is something that enhances our God given looks and like one of our inspirational women Chinenye noted “when you look good, you feel good too”. I have been learning a thing or two about make up and someone who knows alot about that is a darling aburo of mine, Anuoluwapo. Anu blogs as pencilgoddess  and shows us what we need to achieve a simple contoured look with highlighting parts of our face.

You must have heard about ‘strobing’, ‘baking’ and ‘contouring’. No these are not culinary terms but trendy makeup vocabulary used nowadays; and while I know it’s easy to get tired of trends that are often flogged especially thanks to social media and ability to make things bigger than they truly are but trust me, this is not as dramatic as the makeup professionals make it sound.

One of my favourite is HIGHLIGHTING! It has existed for ages, even when we didn’t know or have a name for it and I also think it’s here to stay, regardless of what it’s called, the technique remains the same hence knowing how to achieve a decent ‘highlight’ is necessary for all ladies.

highlight darkskin

As a makeup enthusiast, I often feel the responsibility to come up with the easiest, fastest and most cost effective ways to achieve professional looking makeup for myself and to share with others; The most note-worthy thing during your DIY highlighting process is to remember to look sun-kissed or to have that natural glow that comes from within; a subtle light beaming out from the middle of your face.

You don’t have to break the bank to achieve a flawless face highlight; below are some of the products I use-

  • L.A Girl Concealer in Fawn or Toffee – (please note this is suitable for my complexion, so please find what works best for your skin tone). This product offers amazing coverage for spots and blemishes but serves well as an under eye concealer to brighten up the face. With a concealer brush or its built in applicator, apply under the eyes, on the bridge of nose, on the chin (under the lip).

LA Girl

  • Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Banana and Topaz (I mix both because I do not like my highlighted areas looking white, too different and dried out than the rest of my face). This is an important step as powder sets the creamy/liquid products used. This should be pressed into the skin with a sponge/wedge.
  • Ben Nye Topaz2Luxury Banana Powder
  • Elf Illuminating Primer – I use an illuminating primer sometimes to give that natural glow. It is not blatantly obvious, just gives an overall bright and slightly shimmering look. Should be used after cleansing or after moisturizing the face. A small amount on skin is enough and it can be mixed with another mattifying primer
  • ELF primer
  • Black Opal Glow stick in Nude Glow – This is a cream based product I do not use often as it is not easy to blend out on already set products. This can be used first under the primer (when not using the illuminating primer). It is better applied with your finger; do not drag, simply tap product into your skin.
  • Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter and Bronzer- I LOVE these UK drugstore products simply because they are great for what they cost! Gentle and in a back and forth motion, sweep your brush over your cheek bones with this product.
  • Revolution
  • Elf Highlight in ‘Sun kissed’ – Just as the name implies, it gives a subtle yet beautiful glowing effect for the cheeks. It is also great to use beneath your primer.
  • Elf Glow Sun Kissed1
  • Sleek Contour Kit- This product comes in different shades so choose which best fits your skin tone.
  • Sleek Contour kit
  • Fan Brush and Tapered brush
  • Fan brushTapered Brush

The places that can be highlighted:

Inner tear duct            Lower waterline                      Brow bone (just above the crease)

On the cheekbones     Cupid’s bow (optional)            Chin

Bridge of the nose and upwards into the forehead

highlight charthighlight

Consider your complexion; be careful not to use products that are too orangey or too pink; build up products as you apply and do not just slap on generous amount on your face; except you are going for a really dewy look do use matte foundations and powders; If you realize you applied too much, simply put your powder brush in loose powder and dust over the affected area; contouring gives your features balance and avoids that washed out look.


Blending! Blending! Blending!

We do not need harsh lines and demarcations; no need to walk around looking gold plated like Xerxes in the 300 movie. I know the world is obsessed with the picture perfect Kim Kardashian technique of highlighting, data being wasted watching endless YouTube videos in order to learn how to draw maps and shapes on faces, but darling you do not need that level of pressure. Makeup application, should be fun and fresh!!

Stay beautiful! *wink*



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