Queen Elizabeth II – A Queen for all Seasons


queen 5  queen 9 queen3The Queen turned 90 this year and today also marks exactly 63 years since her coronation.While she actually ascended the throne on February 6th 1952 when her Father died the actual coronation was on June 2nd 1953 which makes her the longest reigning monarch ever. Queen Elizabeth II is my absolute favourite royal so you can imagine how chuffed I was to receive a book commemorating her birthday when the Queen’s birthday was officially celebrated in England. As I went through the book and watched a documentary about the Queen I thought of the lessons one could learnfrom the beautiful monarch.

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Poise: the Queen is without doubt an extremely elegant lady. While you may think that’s a given being that she is the Queen but still you have to give it to her. The Queens’s carriage and candour are remarkable.

Stay calm and carry on: The Queen has gone through some tough times with remarkable resilience and calm. From having the weight of the crown thrust upon her after losing her much loved “Papa” to having three of your four children go through painful divorces as well as lose your mum, sister and daughter in law in close space cannot be easy. Through her personal loss she has portrayed dignity and courage in the public eye. Her calmness also came to play when she engaged an intruder who wandered into the Palace.

Physically fit: At 90 the Queen is in remarkably good shape. While her longevity can partly be attributed to her genes the fact that she is quite active also plays a large role. From walking around while attending her official duties she is known to find time to walk her beloved corgis (she has owned at least 15) and as a keen equestrian still enjoys horse riding.

Marriage Goals: Now while we do not know much about her marriage the fact that she has been married to Prince Philip for means they must be doing something right. The Queen met her husband when she was 13 and was instantly smitten. They got married when she was 21 meaning that they have been married for almost 70 years. They may have had some shaky times but one thing that is irrefutable is their commitment to each other.

Her faith: Officially she holds the title “Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England” however she often speaks about her commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. In the book I read which is titled – ‘TheServant Queen and the King She Serves, the Queen said: “I have been and remain very grateful to you for your prayers and to God for his steadfast love. I have indeed seen his faithfulness.”

Queen Elizabeth is truly a Queen for all Seasons and I pray she lives out the rest of her reign in good health.


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