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Today’s WCW  is Adebola Ataiyero-Adefila . Bola is without a doubt one of the most hardworking and industrious women I have come across. Most days find her at her factory supervising employees and strategising for the future. She is also an extremely balanced individual who is able to get along with people from all works of life. Adebola is definitely an inspiration for anyone who intends to go into manufacturing. As she turns 36 in a few days I pray she enjoys uncommon favour and continued grace in her life. Enjoy!

Please tell us a little about yourself


Well I was born on the 5th of June 1980 . I am the first of 4 children, and apart from being born in the capital city of Abuja I have lived here my whole life. I have a degree in Business Administration from Ahmadu Bello University and an MBA from the University of Kent in the UK.  I am also the mother of two beautiful daughter aged 9 and 6. Professionally I run Banrut Rolls Nigeria Ltd makers of  a wide range of tissue products such as  Vicki box tissue, Prince toilet roll, Ruth supreme luxury tissue, Nimmy economy toilet roll, Vicki kitchen roll and many more.

Many people are familiar with Banrut Tissue brands what makes your brand stand out?

Firstly our quality stands us out. All Banrut Rolls products are good quality at a very competitive price. Secondly we have good packaging, so we have an awesome product and good packaging.

banrut 1 banrut

With your busy schedule how do you make out time for the children?

I am blessed to have a very supportive husband and we are both actively involved in all our daughters’ activities . I am also extra blessed that my parents live in Abuja as well so when myself or my husband are caught up grandma steps in… Thank God for grandparents (laughs).

Whats your advice for working Mums?

Well I would like to categorise working mums into two; Employed and self-employed. For the employed mums you need to be very organised and avoid procrastination. If you have risen to a managerial position then you must learn to delegate to your subordinates (with supervision of course). If you are self-employed you may be flexible with your time ( this is not always the case) but you also need to be extremely organised to ensure you have enough time for your children. There is no particular formula as its not a case of “one size fits all” but being organised is important and if you are true to yourself you will find what works for you and your family.

adebola 1

How do you relax?

Spending quality time with my family helps me unwind and I devote my weekends to them. I also try to hang out with friends when I have the time.

How has motherhood affected your values and what do you hope to impart in your children?

Motherhood has created a renewed sense of responsibility and determination for me to succeed as I have future leaders that I’m grooming to handle the responsibilities and challenges of their time. I hope they will learn to be tenacious, to be diligent and most especially not compromise integrity.

As a last word what advice do you have for those who want to venture into manufacturing?


Knowledge is power so they need to be well informed about the line of business they want to venture into. It is also imperative that they learn not to make emotional decisions in business. Another important piece of advice is that anyone who wants to venture into manufacturing or any business at all needs to accept their reality and deal with what they can and leave the rest to God. They should never allow anyone intimidate them and learn to treat people well as human beings are a valuable resource so be firm, fair and just! Lastly life is a dance sometimes you lead sometimes you follow.

Thanks Adebola you rock!


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