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Thank God its Friday! Its the weekend and its time to relax and take things easy especially as we celebrate childrens day with the youngsters in our lives. Work life balance, work life integration…call it whatever you will,  is essential for every individual.It helps ensure you are healthy, not burnt out at work and are still able to give your family enough attention. Here are some tips to help you achieve work-life balance.

Plan: Plan your tasks at work to ensure the time spent at work is as productive as possible. This will ensure you have time over the weekend to schedule activities with family and friends. Choose activities that will help you unwind and relax such as a date with your significant other or a trip with your children or friends.

Create time: You need to purposefully create extra time with loved ones . For instance you can try waking up one or two hours earlier to spend some quality time with your family before going to work, this is guaranteed to give a positive vibe to your day. Once you spend time with your family early in the day when you go home late you would have at least gotten to spend time with your spouse and the children and won’t have missed out on your company entirely.

Exercise: Making time for exercise when you have a packed work schedule is hard but very important. This is because exercise boosts your energy level and enables you to concentrate better at work thus enabling you achieve more. Try sneaking in a work out first thing in the morning, during your lunch hour or at the close of work.

Socialise with your coworkers: With the amount of time one spends at work it’s important that you get along with your colleagues. This reduces tension at work, increases efficiency and ultimately enables you be a better mood when you get home to your loved ones. Initiatives such as the  ” Office Happy Hour” will go a long way in helping you feel more relaxed with your colleagues.

Relax : Time away from the office is essential. Make sure you take your annual vacation when do and do not spend it doing more work. Instead your vacation  should be a time to take a holiday with your family. Contrary to what many people think a vacation must not cost an arm and a leg, it could be just a simple trip to the village or somewhere else where you can just relax.

Don’t take work home: Unless you have an urgent deadline or work from home you must resist the urge to take work home. This is because your home should be a place of relaxation not brain storming. Your family needs your attention and trust me it’s hard to hear your loved ones chatter when you’re concentrating on an office assignment. If for any reason you must take work home try and wait till your young children are in bed so you can give them the quality time they deserve.

Prioritise: You know what’s important and you can make out time to achieve it. for instance if your daughter has a recital at school you could decide to go to work early and finish your major tasks so that no one looks for you when you need to be at her school for two hours. Also doing school runs is a good way to bond with your family so rather than put your children on the bus every morning you can drop them off on your way to work and have meaningful conversations.

There are so many little ways in which you can achieve a better work- life balance, just always remember it’s the little things that often count.


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