Chigul: The Classic Comedienne !


 I am certain that I am not the only one that has a special love for people who share my name. One of my favourite namesakes is the one and only Chioma “Chigul” Omeruah. Chigul as she is popularly known is one who needs little or no introduction in the world of Entertainment. She is a gifted Comedienne with a knack for different accents and a wonderful voice. Let’s hear her story and be inspired.


Please give us a brief bio?

I was born in Lagos and attended Primary there and Secondary school was in the beautiful city of Jos. I left for the U.S in 1994.

You recently turned 40 how did it feel? Were you anxious about it or were you like “finally!” ?

Emmm…at all oh! I was like ” Last time I checked I was 18 so where dis 40 come from?”  anyway I am still HOT so I have embraced 40 with 40tude! (Laughs).

Many may not know that you speak French fluently and once worked for ECOWAS. It’s hard to picture you at a desk, did your creativity feel stifled at a 9 to 5?

I have always had a 9 to 5 job but at the same time I recognised that I did not want to spend all of my time behind a desk. I had always told myself that when working at ECOWAS began to affect Chigul then I would know that was the time to leave. To be honest I was a bit nervous but I am so happy that I made that choice.

Many people have a dream career while some happen upon it almost accidentally. Did you  discover your gift or did it discover you ?

I definitely would day that Comedy happened to me! It was not planned at all but I am glad to say “Here we are”!

How did you get your first break and before then was there ever a time when you felt like calling it quits ?

Chigul the comedienne started with a voice note that I sent to a few friends and ended up going viral and that was how this train got moving. On quitting!  On calling it quits…hmm. On some bad days (we all have those days) the thought of quitting has crossed my mind but I quickly  snap out of it!


We know you are totally a family person, how supportive have your mum and sibs been of your career choice .

Every single member of my family is defiitely buying the “Makate”…yes oh! They are extremely  supportive and I am thankful.

Everyone loves ELR8D the show you co-host on EbonyLife ! How easy it for you guys to come up with material for such a hilarious show?

Generally most of what you see on the show is scripted however Emma and I and allowed to improvise which is reall cool.

Any words of advice for female entertainers who are just starting out?

As a female entertainer you must be determined, never to give up! You must also remain humble at all times.

Girl we know you can sing! Any plans for an album?

Album??? Not at all…I have no plans to delve into music and singing is just something I like and enjoy.


What do you  do for me-time?

I love singing and learning languages so I do a lot of that in my free time. I am also a homebody so when possible I like to chill at home.


Thank you for your time Chigurl!

Chioma speaking at TedxEuston



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