Glowreeyah: A True Worshipper !


Today we will be speaking to Glowreeyah Braimah. This gifted Minister of Song is loved by many and she has led thousands in worship all over the world. This award winning singer is known for songs such as “Miracle Worker” “Jehovah” and “Eze”. Glowreeyah has a sunny and bright personality which has endeared her to many. Lets learn more about the lady I like to call “Glow!.

Give us your brief bio

Glowreeyah Braimah is a Worship-Leader,Singer/Songwriter and Recording Artiste. I am a Lawyer by training.I like to call myself a Creativepreneur as well. I founded an NGO called ‘The Starbeam Foundation’  for children and young people with a few initiatives in the works. Also as a ScriptWriter, I wrote for Sesame Square Nigeria.
My early/growing up years consisted of a brief stint in Pittsburgh, USA and my latter years mainly in Nigeria.

Few people know that your part Igala and part Igbo, tell us a bit about growing up in a bi-cultural home. What did it teach you?

It has been a blessing to come from a large bi-cultural home. My parents were very friendly and had an open-door policy.There is nowhere in Nigeria that i cannot call home. My Father is also a polyglot. His ability to speak several languages causes him to connect with people easily.Personally, this has enabled me to have a great appreciation for diversity and ‘Pan-Nigerianness’.

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Did your parents always support your musical talent? 

My parents were extremely supportive in honing my talent.Back in the day,my late Mother enrolled me early in various creative endeavors and children’s TV shows.This served to build my confidence in my expression through song,dance,drama and craft.Through my teenage years,i was involved in several choral groups and choirs.My Father plays the piano/organ and he is my greatest musical influence so far.

Your new album ‘The Expression’ is inspiring … And your latest single ‘Jehovah’ is beautiful!

Thank you for affirming this. All Glory to God.

You are a Lawyer and we always hear how no knowledge is wasted how has your law degree helped with your music/creative endeavours ?

Reviewing potential risks,vetting contractual obligations,understanding terms and conditions etc.In more ways than one,the Law has been that kind of friend.

When you are not ministering or working in the studio how do you refresh and get rejuvenated?

I hardly have a format as to how to get refreshed. I have learned early to maximise each moment that i have been given and make it count. If i see a trampoline nearby,i’m going to jump on it.If i see a bouquet of flowers in a vase,i’m going to sniff at it. If i see a child, then I’m going to engage him/her in a game or activity. It’s the little things and the joy that they bring.

How do you make time for family and friends with your busy schedule ?

I am never too busy for my family and friends. They know that, with confidence I can say that they know that.


Whats  your advice for people struggling with their God- given gifts and talents?

To discover who you are,the gifts that you have been blessed with and what these gifts are capable of achieving is a lifetime discovery. There’ll be moments when you’ll throw your hands in the air and just want to give up. There’ll also be little reminders showing you endless possibilities of what you can achieve. What a contradiction!By all means,Pray even when you don’t feel like it.Read even when the tears have got your eyes blurry.Learn from life, the times and those gone before you. Celebrate their triumphs and avoid their pitfalls. Practice excellence. Observe the times and seasons. Grow patiently and take root downwards  in the shadows so that you can bear fruit upwards in the light.Live each day with a fresh sense of joie de vivre. Every step is leading you closer and closer to the person that God fashioned you to be. Time and chance will reveal and Grace and Favour will accelerate.

Thanks for speaking with us Glow! 


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