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MI feel really blessed today and thought to share two books I’ve read recently.

One is a book written by Pastor Goodheart Ekwueme titled “Revival is here again”. This book will literally set you ablaze for GOD. You will understand how putting God first in all things will always work for your good. Revival is here again calls for Christians to wake up from ther slumber and be all God has called them to be.

The second book is by Arese Ugwu and is titled “The Smart Money Women”. In this book  Arese tells the story of Zuri a 21st century woman who is living beyond her means and soon finds herself in a financial quagmire. Chapter by chapter Arese lets us into the world of Zuri and her friends and gives us practical lessons of how to be money smart.

Anyway some maybe asking why aren’t you giving out your own book? Well I have given away a few copies already (and so have other people) but apart from that I believe sometimes it’s cool to promote other people especially when their work has blessed you in some way. If you live in Abuja and want this books leave a comment to  let my know why ( here and on my IG page @chiomahsblog) and I will choose a winner in a couple of days.



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  1. Dear Chiomah,

    Well done and thanks for being thoughtful to us your readers as well as promoting writers who have enriched your own life by doing this giveaway.
    Both are excellent books I believe, but I really NEED the Smart Money Woman (since I can’t have both) ? This is because I’m an entrepreneur and need ALL the help I can get out there for my young little quirky start up to grow into what I wish for. Pleeeeease I do hope I win this book. I’ve read reviews and it sure looks like the kind of book I need right now. Yeiii first to comment on here. Hopefully that should count for something? Thank you.

    PS: I saw a little typo up there: …practical lessons on how to ME money smart.

  2. Hello Dear,

    Thank you for this opportunity to show some love through this giveaway, talking about the Smart Money Woman book, if there’s any book I need to read right now, it’s Arese Ugwu’s book, but sincerely my pocket cannot afford me to buy one, I will appreciate it if you gift me the book. As a Christian, it will be my pleasure to read the deep thoughts of the writer of “Revival is here again”, I need to keep the fire burning… Thank you dear.

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