Christmas fun with the Children


Christmas is here and many  times we get so caught up with all the buying and the activity that we forget to actually have some good ole family time! Here are some tips to make sure you and children have fun and relax as it truly is the season to be jolly.

Christmas Songs: Everyone loves Christmas songs, they are cheery, fun and some of them remind us of the reason why we celebrate Christmas. Children especially love singing along and getting a good dose of Christmas cheer. Some classics that every family must have are Boney M’s Christmas album and the popular Disney Christmas. There are fun songs like “Rudolph the red nosed reindeer”, “the twelve days of Christmas” and Classic hymns such as “Away in Manager” “Noel” the whole family will enjoy listening and singing along.

Watch and read Christmas classics: Christmas stories never grow old and are enjoyed from generation to generation. Get a copy of the book “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens and teach your children the joy of sharing. You could also get movies like “Santa Claus”.

Make Decorations: This is a fun and easy way to relax with the children. All you need are old gift wrappers, foil paper, coloured paper and scissors. You can teach them how to make spiral shapes and all sorts of cool designs that they can hang up all over the house. You can also make pretty ornaments from salt dough and modelling clay or make decorations with copies of old children pictures.

Decorating the Christmas tree: How, you may ask does such a simple task bring so much joy? Children just love decorating the Christmas tree. You can make is a family tradition where everyone joins in. Year after year every child should have the privilege of putting the star on top.

A visit to the Motherless Babies Home: This is a great way to put a smile on the faces of the less privileged. You can get your children to pick out clothes they have outgrown and take them some gifts. It’s a fun way to spend a day and your children will also get to realise they even though they may not have gotten that expensive gift for Christmas they truly are blessed.

Kitchen Fun!: You don’t require the best culinary skills to make muffins or brownies with the children. You could also try chin-chin and have the children make some fun shapes. Always lots of fun!

Visit Santa: Though most of our Santa’s may look nothing like the real deal, but visit anyway! The children will love receiving gifts and enjoy taking picture at the grotto.

A family trip: I know recession is biting hard, but a trip does not have to cost an arm and a leg. You could take a short visit to a neigboring town and lodge in a guest house for a couple of days or go to the village. As long as the family together anywhere you decide to go would be interesting.

In-house Christmas Concert: You could invite a few friends or relatives over and have your children present the story of the nativity along with a few songs. Alternatively if you live in a small estate or housing development you could get all the children together and they can organize a Christmas show for the neighbors.

The night before Christmas make sure you put all the gifts under the tree. At the break of dawn your little ones will be up to go and open their gifts. Make sure you have your camera handy to capture the joy on their faces.


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  1. Thanks for this post. I am actually just reading this. I know how to jazz up this Christmas a bit. I really want the Esther Anointing. ???

  2. Beautiful post! Though i’m just reading it, i actually visited the orphanage home and also had an in house feast with family friends, it was so much fun. I look forward to another Christmas season already. I need the Esther’s anointing pleaseeee

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