Guest Post: Prepping for the Year

Guest Post: Prepping for the Year


Every year, we all tend to make promises to ourselves to be better, do better and live better but it’s not always easy. We end up disappointing ourselves even before the month of January in the New Year is over. Your life begins to reel on and sounds like a broken record….don’t worry, I feel you!

I call it setting up for yourself a high jump. This is when the mind and body believe they can and somewhere along the line, it’s just not happening. Never mind, you are not alone, it happens to the best of us.

Wherever you find yourself today was a journey that began some time ago. Life is not really about the goals you have set and achieved but more about the experiences that shape us along the way.

These experiences break us up into unrecognisable pieces only to build us up again into beings we never knew existed…greater beings and in some cases, not so great. So, yes, you can take up that pen again and write those same goals again and even break them up into smaller and achievable tasks as a good mental exercise. This exercise will put things into perspective for you and show you who you are and have been at a glance. Through this process, resist the temptation to define yourself by what has been achieved or not as goals are not static but change as we grow and desire other things in life.

The journey, is what we are individually about and it’s our attitude beyond all else, that sets us up for what we have now come to term as failures or successes. Personally, I do not believe in those definitions and think it is all down to interpretation and belief in one’s ability towards anything in life.

So, as we start the New Year, let’s see it as a period of continued growth and not the ‘forced’ new growth we tend to try to make happen at the stroke of midnight of 2017….God bless us all! A time to get in touch continually with who I really am and who I think I want to be. I can choose to change at any time and not feel guilty about not sticking to some set of goals I set myself on the first of January. This year and going forward, I aim to keep my life centred around peace, contentment whilst enjoying my life with friends, colleagues, acquaintances and family who are around me for a purpose. To take note of my surroundings more and learn what it has to teach me about living fairly and rightly. These are the necessary breaks we do not remember to have as we hustle, bustle and rustle though life. So, resolve to take it easy for once and allow life play out herself for your enjoyment. Feel free to live it up but not to a burn.

Do remember though, that because a goal was not achieved in the time you set out to achieve it does not define who you are. It only says you had a desire and a drive but somehow, things just did not play out the way you expected. Most times, it’s the experiences along the way that really count in the end. It’s memories of these that break your face into a smile, a tear, a wince or a sigh but all the same, something worth remembering. These memories live with you and either contribute to more wisdom in the near or distant future or just some foolishness you may need to wake up from at some point. No matter what it is, growth happens.

That should be the ultimate hunger for the new year. Go into it asking, wondering and pondering – ‘What has been lined up for me?’, How do I align myself with purpose and meaning and what will be my attitude regardless of what my experiences are likely to be.

By all means, have a plan but don’t be so rigid that you do not have that openness to enjoy some unpredictability in your life.

Neither should you plan not to have a plan! It is a good idea to have a plan as it offers guidance or even acts as a script you refer to when you believe you seem to be losing your way. It’s like a reset button….

So, here’s the deal for the New Year – Recreate yourself if you need to and remember to enjoy the ride while trying your best to avoid stepping on toes along the way. It’s usually less hassle when you do.

Here’s wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!




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    1. Chiomah

      Thanks for your comment Ngumabi! Here’s to groeth in 2017 and beyond. ps. You have a cool blog

    2. Chiomah

      Thanks for your comment Ngumabi! Here’s to growth in 2017 and beyond. ps. You have a cool blog

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