Achieving your Fitness Goals: 9 tips for losing weight


Today’s post is by Guest Blogger – Angel Stone who is  the fitness expert at Fit & Hungry. She writes about fitness, travel, and living the good life. Her favorite things are soft boiled eggs, house parties, and running in the rain. She currently offers coaching calls and online personal training to those who are ready to make a positive change. Read on and be inspired to keep healthy and fit!

Everyone wants  to be as healthy as possible and achieve their fitness goals. Youl want more energy.  You want to move better. You want to feel better. These are great goals and you can achieve them.

You can improve your current situation without suffering hours in the gym. You can have a body you love and eat delicious food. You can accomplish things you didn’t think were possible. The key is moderation, discipline, and awareness. If you focus on the goal and do the work, you will get there. If you know your habits and weaknesses, you will get there faster.

Here are 9 simple things you can do every day that will get you closer to your health, body, and feel good goals.

1. Drink lemon water. Some like it lukewarm. I like it hot. Either way, drinking water mixed with the juice of a lemon is an excellent strategy for better health. It cleanses your palette, helps balance your system, and reduces sugar cravings. I swear by lemon water because it’s the only thing that stops me from eating all the cookies. Important: some say lemon water damages your tooth enamel. I don’t know if this is true because that has not been my experience. If you’re concerned, simply sip through a straw. Problem solved.

2. Go for a walk. If you’re like me, you get sleepy after you eat. It could be too many carbs. It could be too much fat. It doesn’t matter which category you fall into, being sleepy after a meal isn’t ideal. Taking a walk after lunch or dinner is one of the best things you can do for your energy level and for your digestion. After you eat, take a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood. Movement moves things and movement burns calories. Walking is also an excellent tool to clear your mind and stay present.

3. Do 5 minute routines. If you sit most of the day, incorporate short workouts into your schedule. When you’re at the office, set an alarm every 2 hours. When you hear it, complete 10 reps of each exercise for 5 minutes: calf raises, arm circles, tricep dips, and chair squats. If you’re uncomfortable doing it at your desk, find an empty conference room. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! This technique also works for moms and professionals who work from home.

4. Notice your habits. Many people are unaware of the things they do. If you don’t know something is happening, you can’t fix it. What are your habits? When you’re making the kids’ lunch, do you snack on their food? Do you always have a glass of wine after work? Do you crave sugar at 3pm every day? Pay attention to your patterns. See if there are areas you need to address.

5. Eat protein. If you’re overweight, still hungry after you eat, or craving carbs, consider eating more protein. You don’t need a crazy amount but you need it. You can get excellent protein from non-meat sources, such as: tofu, quinoa, chick peas, hemp seeds, lentils, cottage cheese, plain yogurt, spinach, and protein powders like pea and brown rice. If you eat animal products, try eggs, salmon, sardines, white fish, and grass fed beef.

6. Take the stairs. At the office. At the store. All day. Every day. Yes, your thighs will burn and you’ll be out of breath. No, you won’t die or get a leg cramp. Okay, maybe you will get a leg cramp – which means you need to be walking ‘dem stairs.  Instead of dreading the stairs, how about acknowledging it for what it is: a free workout. Do it for your lungs, do it for your health, do it for your butt. Stairs keep the butt round and lifted. Who doesn’t want that?!

7. Use your car less. Have a bike? Can you walk to the grocery store instead of driving 5 minutes? If not, can you park further away? Maybe choose a spot that’s not in front of the entrance. Walk an extra 5 minutes and burn those calories. Bonus: You’ll be less stressed because you won’t waste time or energy vying for the “good” parking spot.

8. Have a backup plan. Life is unpredictable. Plans change. Work calls. Kids get sick. That’s why you need an ’emergency workout’ plan. It’s a workout that can be done anywhere and takes less than 30 minutes. It’s to be used when you have no time or can’t get to the gym for your normal routine. It will keep you on track and relieve stress. I’ve compiled a great list of workouts for every situation. Click here (LINK).

9. Use water as a weapon. If you want to eat better, you need a plan, a strategy, a solid defense. You need water. The next time you crave sugar, bread, or carbs, I want you to drink 8 oz of water.  If you still want to indulge after the water, that’s fine. But first, water. Are we clear? To reiterate: Water, first. Favorite indulgence, second.

You can improve your life and your body. Take small steps. Stay conscious. Be optimistic. You’ll get there. I’m rooting for you. -Angel

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  1. I am obsessed with reading anything on health, dieting and fitness. I am not a gym person but i sure watch out for my diet, move about, and these days i join my sons in their ever hyperactive lives to stay fit. It’s some work but it’s fun with them. I don’t believe there’s just one method of burning fat and staying fit/healthy-different strokes for different folks-but I believe consistency and determination in what we eat, when we eat and how we eat is key. Keep moving!

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