Laide Owoade of L.A Cakes talks about her sweet passion


Today’s feature is by the delectable Laide Owoade of L.A Cakes. This young mum and wife is a one of the best bakers in the FCT and attention to detail is amazing. Lets read on as she talks about how she discovered her passion.

My name is Laide Owoade, I am a 28 year old woman and the co-owner of Cakes by L.A. a bespoke cake store located in Apo, Abuja. Baking for me, started as child’s play in my early secondary school days, from between 1998  to 1999. Interestingly enough the first cake I ever baked was a total mess! I over heard the recipe without  the measurements and I thought I could try it out but it was a total failure. However I was not deterred and with continuous practice  I got a little better over 2 to 3 years , I spent most of my holidays practicing and I always spent half of my pocket money on cheap recipe books and starter equipment’s.

Despite my initial attempts baking felt so right to me right from the first time I tried it. Also, my 2 favourite subjects in secondary school were Fine Art and Home Management so cake making became a perfect way to carry both subjects along even after secondary school. I always looked forward to making cakes for friends and family just to try my hands on new methods and with time I  got even better. Knowledge gained through watching videos and getting recipes  online  contributed immensely to my knowledge of baking and cake decoration and very soon I was confident enough to charge money for cakes.

After University, I went to a make up school  so I could become a make up artist because I only saw baking as a hobby and something by the side to bring in a little extra cash. I opened a make up studio and ran the business for 6years and my cake business was just something I did on the side.

However I eventually decided to focus on the cake business after it experienced a  major breakthrough in 2013 shortly  after I got married and moved to Abuja, though I worked from home then, but together with the help of my husband we built the business through word of mouth and social media. My customers appreciated my work and recommended me to others, this in turn encouraged me to want to do more and push myself further everyday! In just a year, the business grew much bigger than my kitchen at home and there was a need for expansion, so I entered into a business partnership with my friend who is also an awesome baker and entrepreneur in July 2016.

My business partner and I are driven by the same goal and are very determined to take the business to greater heights, we stand out because we put a lot of love and dedication into every cake that goes out our bakery and we do not compromise on quality even despite the recession we are sisters, mothers and most importantly we both love God.



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  1. Awwwwn, i was just looking for what to read on the internet and i thought to browse Cakes by LA and i stumbled on this blog, I truly love and admire your work, i am huge fan, I also love baking; Fear and other reasons made me stop but i want to go back to things i love,baking inclusive and give myself a fresh and strong start. thank you for inspiring always with your amazing works

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