Gina Umoru of Noa Noa Foods: Making Baby food with heart!

Gina Umoru of Noa Noa Foods: Making Baby food with heart!


Gina is an Abuja based Mom of two and a trained chef. She is also the founder of NoaNoa, a local baby food company.  NoaNoa has a range of puréed food which are hygienically packed as well as Veggie Powders, thus making healthy baby nutrition easy.  She shares her inspiring story with us.

 Hello Gina, please tell us about your self

Well, I am currently a chef and recipe developer at NoaNoa Foods, before that, I did a brief stint at a bank. After I had my son, the idea dropped in my spirit to start making puréed food and make a business out of it. I had to follow my passion for food one way or another. I am also currently training to be a certified child nutritionist.

You trained at Leith’s which is quite renowned, what informed your decision to use your culinary skills for baby food.

Well it was really just about doing something innovative. At the time, I didn’t know anyone who was making baby food on a commercial scale in Abuja and I saw a gap that needed to be filled This is mainly because feeding infants and toddlers falls into 2 categories. First we have those who are finicky eaters  and then secondly we have parents who do not know what to feed their children. At some point, every mum has been at a crossroad on what to feed their young ones. NoaNoa hopes to help Mothers in the regards as  I believe every child deserves an opportunity to eat nourishing and exciting meals. Another reason I ventured into baby food was a deep desire to find a business that will work around my time as a mum while doing what I was fiercely passionate about.

What challenges have you faced with NoaNoa and what has the reception been like?

As a start up, this terrain is still new and a lot of Mums are still warming up to the idea of another person cooking for their babies however in spite of this the reception has been great so far. Mums especially love our Veggie powders which is a new addition to our product line. Also we have some clients not knowing how to make balanced meals  without MSG and GMOs, so I have recently introduced teaching clients (Individuals/Schools) as an added service.

What is the one thing that has helped the most in your entrepreneur ship journey?

I have learnt a lot from those who have been on this journey before me. I always ask questions and I am always learning. 
Your children inspired your idea, with your busy schedule how are you able to make time for them and achieve work life balance?
I have found a balance by not being ashamed to ask for help when I need it. I also have a great team who help me out. Before the idea for NoaNoa came I wanted to do something where I would put in 1000 percent and still find time for the kids so this has fit into my plan well. Cooking for the children is an essential part of my life as a mum, I also love experimenting with their taste buds, so it all works out seamlessly.
One thing I do a lot is to taste my babies food and  I found the NoaNoa Mango and Papaya mix  really yummy, what other variants do you have?
Thank you! We have quite a few, there is the Pumpkin, Chicken and Onion , Pumpkin and Apple, Carrot, Mango and Papaya (Pawpaw), Sweet Potato and our Vegetable Medley. The range is still expanding and we hope to add more interesting flavours.
On a final note how do you unwind?

I enjoy swimming with the children at weekends and also love to cook for my friends.

Thanks Gina its been great talking to you..we wish you all the best with NoaNoa .

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