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Love Idoko is  an event planner, publisher, and a motivational speaker.  Though originally from Kogi State she calls Benue her home. This Micro Biology graduate of Kogi State University is also the host of “Activating Success” on AIT , a show where she interviews a host of inspirational persons. Lets get up close and personal with the lovely Love!

Love please tell us about your growing up years.

I was born to the Family of Late Hon Justice Alhassan Idoko and Evang Lydia Idoko. I am the last born in the family. I was an introvert, very shy and quiet. However, I started speaking in University at my Campus Fellowship and this helped me immensely.

What made you decide to be a motivational speaker and how supportive was your family?

I started reading a lot of motivational books at a young age. Books by Great people like Dr Mike Murdock , John Maxwell, Zig Ziglar etc. My mum and dad had a big library so I had the privilege of reading lots of books. I was inspired to maximize my potentials and influence my generation positively .I wrote my first book at the age of 17 . The book is titled “Celebrating Change ” forward by Bishop David Abioye of Winners Chapel (Goshen) Abuja . I was moved to write it after I lost my dad. The context of the book is “Even in the midst of pain sorrow and uncertainty there is a way to experience unspeakable joy” .
Like I mentioned earlier I started speaking in university at my Campus Fellowship, Royal Campus Fellowship. I have always been passionate about inspiring people. Thats why I started Motivation Magazine. Motivation Magazine is aimed at Inspiring people to Maximize their potentials. We also feature success stories of people who have excelled in different fields. Shortly after I started a radio program called Activating Success on Radio Benue , Today Activating Success shows on Television every Saturday on ait, DSTV Channel 253, Gotv Channel 93.

Love and Goodheart O. Ekwueme

You are privileged to have people like Mike Murdock, Goodheart Ekwueme and others as mentors. Please tell us what it’s been like learning from these men of God.

It has been an awesome experience . Having mentors who encourage and believe in your dream is a great blessing. I am blessed and privileged to have this great men of God as my mentors  as every single encounter I have with them inspires me.

Love and Mike Murdock

There is always the preference for people to move to Abuja , Lagos or PH when they make it but you have chosen to stay in Makurdi tell us about this choice you madeI believe you can achieve your dream any where in the world . My location has absolutely nothing to do with maximizing my potentials. My family lives in Benue and since I grew up there I guess it was part of God’s plan for my life. I also believe that as long as I can have that mental picture it will become a reality irrespective of where I live. To be honest with you I have never felt any need to relocate as I truly believe that no matter where you live if you keep working , keep pushing , stay focused  and stay committed eventually your time will come!

 The Dream Center, Makurdi

Talking about Makurdi you have “The Dream Center” what was the vision behind this world class center ?
I am also an Events planner so I decided to open a world class events Center here in Makurdi where people will have their dream weddings and events without having to go out of town.

Apart from your inspirational show ” Activating Success” where you interview different personalities how else do you  impact those coming up behind you?

One way I try to impact individuals is by organising  empowerment seminars from time to time. The feedbacks from these seminars have been mind blowing and as a result we hope to organise more of such meetings .

You are a beautiful woman, how do you maintain your looks and keep healthy?

There are three things I try my best to do, I eat healthy , I  exercise , and  I rest well .

How do you relax when you are not working ?
(Laughs! )  Well, I just rest in my room or read a book. My sister says I  am boring as I hardly go out .

Tell a little about your faith in God and his that has helped you over the years.

I gave my life to God early in life because my parents were born again and love the Lord. I understood early that God is the foundation of every good thing. I love God . I trust Him. He is faithful, He never fails . When I lost my father I was devastated but God gave us strength. He has been our helper. When we look back today we are thankful to God .

Thanks so much Love it’s been such a pleasure talking to you and learning from you.

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