Oluwatoyin Onigbanjo : Helping fussy eaters with August Secrets


Oluwatoyin Onigbanjo is the founder of August Secrets, an online healthy baby and toddler food solutions company. Many mothers of young children have embraced Toyin’s philosophy of feeding babies with healthy foods creatively. This young entrepreneur is very driven and has made a name for herself in children food nutrition. Lets find out a bit about this inspiring woman.

Toyin tell us a bit  about yourself

My name is Toyin Onigbanjo, Founder of Augustsecrets Nigeria, a growing Nigerian company that makes creative baby & toddler meals & recipes from Nigerian foods.I have a Master Degree in Public & International Affairs from University of Lagos  and I have almost completed my Diploma in Child Nutrition. I am also a proud mother of two children who continously inspire me.

You are a woman of many parts, apart from August Secrets what else do you do?

I am a journalist, blogger  and motivator who helps young women like me achieve their dreams from scratch.

hy baby food  and why the name August Secrets?

I have always been someone who really loves good food, but when I had my son abroad he rejected all the different baby foods I bought for him. I then decided to try out different recipes and I was able to create meals he enjoyed. After want I went through trying out different meals  I quickly realised that many other mothers needed help with baby & toddler food too and I could help them fulfill this need.I started August Secrets  informally in 2015 and officially in 2016 and the name is derived from my birth month which is “August”  and the secrets are the tricks I have employed in getting kids to eat healthier.

What challenges did you face in the beginning and how have you dealt with them?

Well one of our initial challenges was that of setting up properly and distribution of our products across the Nation. Its one thing to get orders for your meals and it is another thing to be able to deliver such order, thankfully we have now created structures and distribution channels to meet all our customers’ needs.

What advice has been the most helpful the most in your entrepreneur ship journey?

I have received a lot of great advice over the years. However some of the most useful are,”be original and innovative and “Customer is king” It is really important to listen to your customers and understand their needs.

Being a mum who was inspired by your own food struggles with your children, how else do your children inspire you?

My son who is a fussy eater has taught me patience and perseverance. Both my children have taught me and inspired me to pray harder and be generally a more caring individual.

As a working mother how are you able to combine all that you do and achieve work-life balance?

I have a great support system and I have been blessed with good staff. Everyone in the family supports me as work can be overwhelming. My husband is extremely understanding and loving.In order to make things flow I plan my day first thing in the morning and I intentionally value family time. No matter what one becomes in life, family is number one, this is the consciousness that helps me.

You know the old rhyme “All work and no play ….” how do you unwind and relax?

My favourite ways to relax are by traveling and going on date nights with my husband.

Thank you very much Toyin its been great talking to you!


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