Tega Omogor: Helping people stay Drug Free

Tega Omogor describes herself as a survivor and a drug abuse therapist . Her mission is to help create a drug free environment for the next generation so they can be all God created them to be. She is also a passionate entrepreneur who runs Imose woman. As the world marks Drug Free day lets talk with this woman with a passion to see people free from substance abuse.
Tell us about yourself Tega
 I’m a last child of 8 siblings . I went to Santa Maria private school and Early life nursery and primary school both in Festac. I attended FGGC Benin for secondary school and from there went on to the prestigious ABU Zaria. I grew up in a home with plenty laughter because when my older siblings came home it was pure bliss with all the stories from their various schools.
Tell us about your business  Imose woman?
Imosewoman is my baby, it means beautiful woman. Imosewoman is a traditional bridal business that specialises in the luxurious western Nigeria clothing known as aso-oke We have beautiful aso-oke in lovely designs.
Now apart from Imose woman you are also a drug abuse counsellor ? Tell us more about what lead you on this path.
Hmm I had delved into drug use as a young lady. It’s a very long story but suffice to say my involvement with drugs as a young woman stemmed from both peer pressure as well as personal pressure. I say personal pressure as I really wanted to be accepted in all circles and it appeared like the people with vices were the ones having the most fun and leading the circles and so I went in and went in quite deep.  Thankfully I have been clean for many years and I know have a passion to prevent others from going down that path and helping those already neck deep in drug abuse.
What kind of response have you received since you started this?
 The response has been pleasantly surprising. Until I started this I did not actually realise how deep drug use had eaten into our society. In one word the response has  been amazing! and I have embraced this role. I get messages from different people telling me of their experiences , some are from parents and some from actual drug users who want help.I’ve also had the privilege of speaking to a few recovering addicts and some still using and they all said more or less the same thing – if they knew better they won’t have fallen victim to the people who lured them into this  lifestyle.
How supportive has your husband been of this passion and indeed all the passions you have expressed?
 The man is just plain fantastic!  While I’m there thinking it is just a #30daychallenge, he has seen all its potential and  how far it can go. He has amazing ideas and that pushes me to take this more seriously than I would have ordinarily done. He is amazing!
What role has your faith played in your present role as a drug abuse counsellor /therapist?
 When you listen to some of the cases you become heavy with depression and you almost want to ask yourself how you even decided to start this. My anchor scripture is “it is not of Him that runneth or willeth but of God who showeth Mercy. This just tells me to take every single case to God in prayer and ask for direction and help. When I get up from my prayer place I receive hope and strength that one person at a time we will get our children on the right path. That’s why they say a shrink needs a shrink.
Tell us about International Drug free day?
 International Drug Free day also known as  International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking was put forward by the United Nations in order to  fight against the substance abuse. It is observed annually on the 26th of June. It’s basic mission is to protect the youth and promote mankind welfare and is celebrated all over the world.
Please give advice on how parents can detect drug use and how they can help .
 This is quite broad. I think that most parents should first know their children so you can know when your child’s personality is changing. If you begin to suspect your child, you can burst in on them unannounced, check for unusual stuff in their possession, know their friends, notice any  change in movements, check with their schools. Many parents find out years later that their kids have dropped out of school but they’ve been paying fees and giving pocket money.  Remember that you will give account to God for how you took care of the Olive plants he placed in your hands.
Now with all that you do it’s obvious you have an extremely busy life, how do you find time to unwind?
I like to read, reading relaxes me.
Thank Tega and all the best!



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  1. Am really inspired. Pls how can I help a friend of mine who is a drug user?

    Ma Chioma, your life is really inspiring, I want you to be my mentor please.

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