Chibogu Emodi- Ilozue : 7 Organizing hacks for the busy Mum

 It’s been a short break on the blog but we are back with tons of inspiration. Today we have a special feature by a very hardworking wife and mum. Chibby loves to organize and she shares some of her tips to help us get our homes looking nice and pretty!
Hello Everyone, my name is Chibogu Emodi Ilozue, aka Chibby. I’m a Nigerian, wife, working mommy, and an entrepreneur. I love all things organizing and styling in the home which led to the birth of “Chibby’s Organizing Tips”.
I hope you come on board and enjoy the experience. So here are 7 of my Home Organizing Tips/Hacks.
Storage Bins:
The list of what you can do with storage bins is endless! They come in various shapes and sizes and can be used to organize everything and anything. As shown in the pic, can be used to organize the little one’s toys.This helps to keep the clutter at bay and enable the kids reach out for their toys easily whenever needed. Mommy problems solved!
Chalk Board Labels:
Spot everything you need so effortlessly with these chalk board labels, how convenient! not to mention, they look pretty cool too. Can be used to label things around the home especially in your pantry. Keeps everything well put together and organized. By the way these containers below were recycled, thanks to
Interlocking 8 Bin:
We mommies know how we can overload our kitchen drawers with all sorts of miscellaneous items. This interlocking 8 bin can be used to declutter the drawers and keep everything neatly organized as shown in the picture. So why don’t you get to work and declutter that over loaded drawer of yours!
Medicine Organizer: The importance of organizing can never be over emphasized. You don’t realize how much you have until you start organizing. This medicine cabinet is everything! You can use it to sort out all your medications, and makes its easier to take stock of what you have and most importantly keep them neatly arranged, so get inspired and start organizing!
Size-it-Closet Organizer:
Picking out the kid’s clothings on a daily basis can be made very easy using the Size-it-Closet Organizer, not only does it make it quick to find the right size clothing for them, it also helps to keep you in check on when to put away the outgrown sizes and progress to the next stage. Still finding them very useful in sorting out the lil one’s clothing and making my life less stressful.
Recycled Candle Jars:
Get in here if you’re one of those people that discard used up candle jars, I believe after seeing this, you’ll have a re-think. These jars can be used to store different things but here, it’s used to store some skin care essentials for every day use. May I add that they look so cute and neatly organized when displayed on your vanity or bathroom counter. These
particular jars are from Yankee Candle. Now you know! Start getting those jars recycled.
Drawer Organizer:
When you’re a working mom and have a busy schedule, anything to make life easier is what we’re all about. These
drawer organizers is one of those life made easy item. They do a very good job in keeping your drawers, shelves,
closets, and dresser tops neatly organized and makes it easier to find anything in a jiffy.
To see more of her tips follow Chibby at @chibbys_organizing_tips

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