Adaku Oseiza : Women in Politics


The Political season has started in earnest and primaries have started taking place. This month we shall be focusing on women in Politics. Those who have decided to follow their passion and run for Public office. Our first featured female politician in this series is Adaku Oseiza. This lady has a passion for her peoples progress and is ready to serve.

Please tell us about your self

My name is Adaku Uwaoma Oseiza.I was born in Kano and  grew up in Kaduna. I have a BSc. Business Admin from Bayero University Kano, MBA, Business School Netherlands , Leadership and Strategy professional courses from the Harvard University, Boston. Corporate Etiquette & International Protocol Consultant from the protocol School of Washington U.S.A, International social etiquette consultant and The finishing touch from the International Etiquette and Protocol Academy of London.

I started my career as a Banker, then moved to the Consular section of the U.S Embassy, where I worked for 11 years. I am also a business woman, CEO All that Glitters Jewellery and the founder of Aida Benjamin Foundation, a charity I founded to help the less privileged in the society. I am running for the office of the Federal house of representatives to represent Ikwuano /Umuahia constituency, Abia State. Though I have spent many years in the North I have constantly kept in touch with the people in my home town, from my father’s place especially which has informed my desire to represent them at the Federal level. Lest I forget, I have also been the consultant to Abia State Government on Made in Aba fashion and campaign.

Having achieved so much success why politics with all its intrigues?

Why politics, it was a divine leading for me so I see it more as an assignment than an aspiration. I believe God wants to put me on a platform where I can impact positively in the lives of people in my community, my state and Nigeria as a whole.

How supportive have people been as you focus on Politics?

My family has been so supportive, thanks to my Mum who practically has moved to my house to stay with the kids when I travel, hubby has also been understanding and helpful. Also, some of my friends have been supportive in their own way.

I know this has been a dream but many times we are afraid to follow our heart and chase our dreams . What gave you the courage to go ahead ?

Yeah, it started as a dream and first of all, like I said previously, I see it as an assignment and I have to do it for my people. When you are not selfish about your ambition and you realise that destinies are tied to you, you will be determined to chase your dreams and cross hurdles. As for courage, I just believe God’s got my back so there is nothing that is not achievable.

You have submitted your form and have had a taste of politicking.Tell us how you felt the moment you picked your form?

I actually felt normal because I had gone through so much already before sales of forms started. For me, I already had the form in my hands before the sale started because I made up my mind to go through to the end.

You are a grassroots person and have done a lot over the years in your locality. How has this helped you?

It has helped me to realise that we have a long way to go in reaching out to humanity. The poor, the less privileged. It is further helped me to set my priorities right, spending less on things that are wants and not needs, it has helped me to finally know that I am living a purpose driven life.

Adaku with participants at a skills acquisition workshop for widows organised by her foundation.

How are you able to look after yourself and family with all the rigors of politics.

It’s a thing of the mind. I have to constantly remind myself that I must not loose myself, I must be in touch with family. I plan so that as soon as I leave the political terrain, I go back to my family and catch up, spoil myself a bit and then continue.

There are a lot of women coming out this time around, what do you think has informed this?

I think women have woken up to the fact that they can’t keep folding their arms and watch things deteriorate. Our system needs lots of cleansing, you might never know until you get into the field. We need help in this country and the women have a lot of role to play. The motherly nature in us will always make us see things in that perspective and ensure that things are done the right way.

Adaku with participants at a youth empowerment workshop organised by her foundation.

Lastly how are you able to relax and refresh.. when you are tired what revitalises you?

Music revitalises me a lot…you know I love to sing. A few times, I call up friend’s that make me laugh, that helps me a lot.

We wish you all the best Ada in the upcoming primaries and elections, well done!


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