Naomi Osemedua : Sharing stories as she Sparkles, Shines and Streams online!

Naomi is  one woman who stands out in a crowd, her beautiful smile and her sparkly eyes exude warmth and vitality. This wife and mother of four  is unstoppable and she used an online platform (Persicope)  to create a business and more.   Naomi has an interesting story of overcoming marital abuse and shares  her story as well as that of other women online and via conferences. Lets get up close and personal with this lovely lady.
Hello Naomi please tell us about yourself:
Well like you know my name is Naomi Osemedua and I am a people builder, one who calls out the seeds of greatness stage in others. I am the Chief Storyteller of the Global Movement- The Women With Stories International where we empower Women to find and own their unique stories, discover their cure and serve others. I am a Human Physiologist and a Certified Coach from the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business. I am happily married with four lovely children.
Most people know you as the Queen of live streaming. Tell us how you discovered periscope and turned live streaming into a vocation ?
 I discovered Periscope in September 2015 while nursing my baby at home . It was new at that time and I had a choice to wait but I am so glad even without knowing anything about the platform I chose to go ahead. I invested in my growth and I showed up consistently everyday. On my 6th month anniversary, I received news from the US that my channel was trending on the Periscope app and that’s how I got the title- The African Queen of Live Streaming.
I never knew it will become a business until people started asking me to teach them. Today I have built a Global business from the comfort of my home leveraging live videos. It’s been a truly life transforming journey.
 You have had an interesting  life eloped, divorced and happily remarried all by the age of 40. Tell us what gave you the strength to walk away.
I knew about Purpose and God early enough in my life and although I made some horrible decisions, finding my way back to God’s original plan gave me the courage to walk away even when it wasn’t popular. Being a victim of domestic abuse affected me a great deal but surviving the experience and finding healing for my pain has allowed me birth a Movement that is now helping others around the World and for that, I am truly thankful.
What advice do you have for women facing abuse in their marriage, especially people who feel they have no one to turn to.
I survived and you can too! I know there are many questions that you need answers for but the truth is- We need you alive. I cringe every time I hear of women who died in abusive circumstances. That could have been me. I recently shared my story at an event and a lady came up to thank me afterwards and she shared how her sister was killed by her husband after 23years and he married her best friend. It’s heartbreaking to say the least but the statistics are real. There is always a way out. Look deeper!
Wow! now let’s talk about women with stories. What inspired that and how has it been sharing these  amazing stories?
My personal journey inspired the movement and it’s been so amazing sharing stories of women across the Globe and receiving feedback of how each story has impacted someone for good. When I turned 40 in August 2018, we held the first ever Global Conference in Lagos and we are still in awe of all that happened. The Women are yet to recover and we continue to receive feedback of Movements and dreams that they are birthing. We are truly grateful to God for the platform
A lot of people don’t realise that you also do a lot of charity work.  Tell us about the work you did in Kogi a few years ago? what ?
I am a Consultant with an Organization that is focused on women development and we had a workshop for women in Kogi. Personally, I believe life is all about service and we are blessed to be a Blessing to humanity. I just want to do good and die empty!
Naomi you are so full of energy and always seem so bubbly but we all know everyone has those moments when they feel a bit low. What has helped you is such times and how do you keep yourself on a healthy high?
That’s exactly what has earned me the Sparkle Queen title (laughs) . The truth is life happens and you always have a choice to be a victim or a victim of your circumstances. I choose victor every time and it allows me to see the lessons and wisdom even from bad times. Joy is contagious and I want to be known for spreading something positive always because life can throw some hard balls and people are searching for hope everywhere. I just want to be that reference that makes people say “if she can make it despite all she went through then I have hope!”
You are a wife and mum , how are you able to live this busy and fulfilling life following your passion and still function in those very important roles?
I have a very supportive husband. Richard believes in me and the work I do and he is always willing to make sacrifices when I have to be away for work. I also ensure I plan ahead and put my house in order so he is at ease while I am away. Planning is key and sometimes I say No! That way I am able to balance it all.
Now with all you do what do you do to relax?
Swimming, watching comedy and reading a good book, give me any of those three things and I’m relaxed.
Lastly you have beautiful chocolatey skin any beauty secrets?
My skin is a gift from God cos I don’t really try sometimes but lately I am intentional about not taking that for granted so I am careful to take time out for facials and spa days where I can relax and just splurge. I also use Organic products that keep my skin glowing.
Thanks so much Naomi you are amazing!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Naomi’s story. Everyone needs someone relatable and I bet she fills that for many. The spousal abuse statistics are alarming and yet so much goes unreported and underreported. Through efforts like hers people get to see they can be someone beyond the label an abuser has given them. It’s slow arduous work but it is very necessary

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