“Veronica’s Daughter” Ella Umeh-Ezeadilieje – Social Media Royalty

Its Social Media week and everyone can agree that Social Media has taken on a life of its own. It has become a place where relationships are birthed, businesses are grown and information is passed.  While social media has its ills it also has great benefits and one lady who knows it’s benefits is Ella Ezeadilieje a proud Mum of 3 who is Instagram and Facebook Royalty. Let’s get up close and personal with this beautiful and refreshingly down to earth lady, who always asks rhetorically “who forming epp”.
Ella tell us a little about yourself and your growing up years ?
I was born in Jos, Plateau  state into a family of six, as a middle child. My parents were hardworking people who did the very best they could with the knowledge they had and taught us the way of the Lord. Jos was a beautiful, serene city, the people were content with what little they had and their was this feeling of family amongst the various tribes that lived there. Abundance of fresh vegetables, grains and all manner of food, made Jos a delight and the very low cost of living made it a holiday destination. I left Jos in 2001 when I got admitted into the Nnamdi Azikiwe University to study Political Science.
You became popular on Rant HQ with your stories about your Mum Vero and growing up with her in Jos. What made you share these stores with thousands of people you have never met?
Actually, the Veronica Stories just happened by chance. We were discussing parenting and I just wrote a little story about Veronica my mother and how she instilled discipline in us as children and highlighted the differences between child care practices then and now. I started sharing those stories because many young person were finding it difficult to discipline their kids and it seemed as though we were a generation torn between not being like our mothers and not being enough like them.
When did you know you were on to something good?
I knew I was onto something good, when people took to those stories immediately! I understood that my stories evoked in them the nostalgia of days gone by, mothers long dead and showed that we were not that special because each and every one of us thought that our mothers were wicked and evil, only to find out that they were all like that!The response those stories got, showed me I was on to something precious.
Yes a lot of Mums were quite strict like yours, what’s her reaction to all the story’s. I especially loved the one of her being pregnant for her youngest child and I wonder if she has seen or heard about any of your posts. 
Well, my Mum is not on the internet, but people began telling her and I actually called and asked her permission to tell her stories, for example the pregnancy story was something I felt might invade her privacy so I called and she permitted me. She however told me I owe her royalties from any future proceeds (laughs).
She is a realistic woman and she understands that I am a story teller, and will tell our stories because they are interwoven and they are true. I will never embarrass her but will just use our experiences as reference points.
Ella with Mama Veros last born Chideraa
You joined Instagram recently and in a short time you have reached 20k, how did you achieve such growth? 
I have actually been on Instagram for over three years, but didn’t use it as I was more of a Facebook girl. I didn’t quite understand how Instagram worked, so I found it difficult for years until September last year when I was pushed to take it more seriously. I began to study about growing my page, I began telling my stories and people began taking notice. Now it’s February and am at 23,000 followers (laughs) . Instagram is all about being social, posting great content and driving engagement. I did all that,and my content has been my biggest selling point.
How supportive is your husband who you fondly call your boyfriend of you Social Media bants?  Is there ever a time he has been like “babe it’s enough “
My boyfriend has been great. A lot of times I worry about him not being on board with this, I wonder how far is too far…so, I try to sound him out and he has been very supportive of my ideas. I talk sex a lot because I feel we don’t talk about it enough, and since I never say anything to embarrass him or my family, just being my candid self he has been awesome!
That’s great that he is totally on board. Now what’s the best thing that has happened to you because of Social Media i.e. Instagram and Facebook?
 So many wonderful things have happened to me through Facebook and Instagram. I have met wonderful, lifelong friends which is is invaluable. These are people who sort of complete my world as my days are not complete without my hearing from them. I have learnt a lot about life here and the globe as I can sit in my house in Nigeria and  have a blow by blow account of what is happening on the other side of the world. Social Media has widened my customer reach and base as I know sell my fabrics online and I send my fabrics to anywhere the world over. Most importantly, because of Social Media, my stories have gone viral more than once and it’s something that never would have happened otherwise. It has been amazing.
Now we all know that Social Media has the good , bad and ugly…what is the worst thing you have experienced via Social Media?
My experience has been very positive, if there are any negatives there have just been small issues that get resolved in no time. Issues like attempted cyber bullying and being made to feel less than what you are because of body shaming or people living for appearances, so generally its been mostly good exepriences.
As a Social Media influencer what advice do you have for people aspiring to be influencers?
My advice to aspiring influencers is very simple…”Do you”. If you know what works for you, please do that and do not allow anyone mould you into their notion of what social media success looks like. I’m a living example to the fact that there is not one way to make it on the Gram. Scream if u are good at that, dance if that’s your thing just do whatever  works for you and don’t enter into social media drama as a way of driving traffic and getting followers. Social Media drama will damage your brand and is not worth it.
You are a multitasker and multipreneur share with us how you are able to do it all.. Wife , mum, student, business owner and social media Queen! 
Women are born multitaskers. We wear too many caps at the same time, but my successes can be attributed to having the right partner to support me. This has proven invaluable as he helps me when I get choked. I also have good help in the house and this helps me order my life and activities and strike the much needed balance. Without these I daresay it will be impossible.
All work and no play…how do you unwind and recalibrate?
As for relaxation I’m an avid reader and I read like my life depends on it. I also love to watch movies and I dance! Music is part of me so I dance and sing, read my plenty books and watch American movies or really great, cinema quality Nigerian movies.
You have glowing skin , please share your beauty routine?
Beauty routine? I’m supposed to have that?! (Laughs)
Well I bathe, use my organic cream and I’m good. I eats lots of fruits and veggies, so my skin is my greatest asset and since I’m the queen of naturals, I don’t make up except for maybe thrice or so a year for special occasions… so basically water and fruits are my greatest skin care secrets.
Thanks Ella its been awesome chatting with you,  stay blessed
Thank u for having me…I am most grateful!

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