Nse Isoni : Teaching People that Manners Matters!


Nse is a lady I have known for years as someone who sold maternity clothes so I was surprised to get a flier about an etiquette event she was holding.  Her passion to her new vocation has once again reiterated a notion I have always held  “Its never to late to start something new”.  Lets learn more about the gorgeous Nse Isoni and her love for Etiquette!

Please let us know a little about your background and  your growing up years?

My name is Nse Isoni. I was born into the family of the Late Professor Abel Ekpo-ufot and Mrs Helen Ekpo-ufot. I am the 3rd child and 1st daughter. I attended UNILAG staff school, FGGC Ikot Abasi, Akwa Ibom state and University of Calabar, Calabar respectively. I grew up in a close-knit family, full of love and respect. Our parents taught us how to live by the rules and there were consequences for breaking any rule. We were very involved in church activities, as my Father’s love for God and the things of God were pure.

Why did you choose to focus on Etiquette?

I did not start out being an Etiquette Consultant. I got married and started retailing maternity fashion. Along the line, I did a bit of catering; I liked planning and organising events, and found out that I always wanted everything to be properly done. I couldn’t stand disrespect or anyone who was rude. I observed that younger people did not know how to greet or show appreciation. Then I went to business school and I found the name of what I wanted to do because I had a passion for it. I made enquiries and I proceeded to Minding Manners International Etiquette and Protocol Academy of London.

Do you have any mentors in this field or other fields and how has their mentorship helped you ?.

Mrs Tamiko Zablith is the founder of MINDING MANNERS . She is the definition of a lady and she taught me most of what I know today and still encourages me to be better, despite the challenges. My Mum is my backbone, she is my greatest supporter and confidante and It’s amazing the kind of things we talk about.Mrs Achiana Bammeke and Mrs Ngozi Nssien have also been very supportive.

what has the response to your programmes been like?

A lot of people feel they already know everything about Etiquette, yet they do not practice it. Some other people feel it’s totally unnecessary but the globally sophisticated and forward thinkers know the importance of having and practicing this soft skills. There are some other people who have not heard of it before and are willing to receive information. My team and I are trying our best to create as much awareness as possible about the need for Etiquette and good manners. Our goal is to raise a polite society. If everyone knows what to do and when to do it and how to do it, we are sure of a chaos free environment.

Let’s talk about family , you are a mum of 2.How have you been able to juggle your busy life with being a wife and Mum.

Yes, I have 2 beautiful children who are growing up so fast . I have always run my own businesses, so I was able to create time for work and family. When I am at work, I am at work and when I am at home, I am at home. I really do love spending time with my kids. So now they are away in boarding school, I have all the time to focus on teaching people good manners and practicing what I teach because practice makes excellence.

I love watching movies. I also really like dancing and I think I can dance, even though some of my friends think otherwise, so I engage in dance classes. I like to sing karaoke and finally I love to laugh so I spend time with good friends and siblings.

You are very much a lady , every hair in place and always well turned out. what role does appearance play in good etiquette and woman’s life in general.

Thank you for the compliment.  The truth is that your image is everything. Image is how you present yourself personally and to others. People are judged based on their appearance before they are even given a chance to speak. There is the outward appearance which has to do with your hair, nails, dressing, shoes and the way you carry yourself, which is your posture and the movement you add to it, which is your poise. Every female is a woman but not every woman is a lady. In order for you to be called a lady, all of these things must be put in place. Women should no longer go about casually. Like my Pastor Mrs Onyema Monye always says, you have to be intentional and deliberate. Women should pay attention to themselves .

whats your advice for the young lady trying to find fulfilment in her vocationwhile juggling motherhood and life.

I will say it’s never too late to start anything you want to do so you don’t live the rest of your life in regret. The only problem is not starting at all. Make sure you are a solution provider. You must also be passionate about whatever you find yourself doing. Don’t get too busy focusing on work that you neglect the home front. Your children and how they turn out should be top priority. Always create the time. Never pray or quietly hope for something to happen, make it happen. Remember to be considerate, kind, gracious and respectful at all times.

Thanks Nse, I  have enjoyed chatting with you.


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