The Starter Pack for Intentional Living : Guest Post by Somachi Kachikwu


Somachi shares our first Guest post of this year on a very relevant topic,”Intentional Living”. We always hear people talk about being intentional in all they do and Soma breaks it down in what titled “The Starter Pack for Intentional Living” . Lets read and learn.

A relationship with God : This is a no brainer , it is really important that we have an active relationship with God. I hear a lot of people complain that church attendance, prayer meetings, frequent prayers and general Christian fellowship are not necessary but the truth is you need to build, strengthen and deepen every relationship. Therefore those meetings will help build our relationship with God.

A Tribe: Yes we all belong to amazing tribal groups but that’s not what I mean. I mean a sisterhood tribe. Having a tribe of strong women is so important and women need other women. We need to ditch the negative reports on sisterhood and a tribe of positive women. Women who you can be bare with, open up too and be real with. Women who keep you accountable and never let you forget your worth. Personally, when dealing with a divorce the issues never got to me because I have a circle of beautiful friends who never let me drown and always encouraged me. Family too, I have awesome relatives and I stay connected to them via my gazillion WhatsApp groups and how I am able to stay connected regardless of distance.

A Plan: This is what being intentional is all about… having a plan. You can not just leave things to happenstance instead ask yourself where? how? when? and don’t just be and let the wind blow you wherever it wants. While taking time off to be a Mum may be rewarding it can be risky as its best to sneak in something for yourself lest you look back wondering where time went. I think it’s important women have a mission, goal and purpose well-defined. From career to personal growth, plan your journey to success. For career, when I decided to be an educator, I reviewed the profiles and CVs of educators I admired.  I looked at what courses they had taken , where they had worked and the skills they had acquired. However while its fine to  receive inspiration from the journeys and stories of other women, you have to curate yours. Also, your plan should also be shared with your significant other so that it aligns.

A Journal: I can’t quite trace my journal addiction but I have at least four Journals at every point in time. Inside my Journals I have prayers, daily task list, monthly goals, bill payment schedules, reminders and dreams. One of the greatest gifts of journaling is it keeps me grateful reminding me of how far God has brought me and how He has answered all my prayers. On my blog I have a post all about my Journal life.

A good attitude:  It is often said that “your attitude determines your altitude” so do your best to stay happy and positive.  Ensure you are not  rude, cantankerous or proud , it is unnecessary and never that deep. No matter how people may treat you, stay above and no matter how people approach you do your best to stay calm. It’s not easy but it’s a decision that has helped me. It is extremely difficult to offend me and that has helped me navigate through many situations keeping my eyes fixed on the prize. I encourage all women to fight for your happiness because your disposition determines a lot. Women are generally sensitive but if you are able to  move your sensitivity to the back burner and focus on other things , you will soar. When I was younger and I’d tell my Dad someone hurt my feelings, he would laugh and tell me that I was a rat and rats didn’t have feelings. Then he would explain the importance of knowing who I am and not letting other people’s words or actions affect me and this helped me immensely. It’s also important to be courageous, confident and bold.  Lastly, you must realise that “onwe onye uwa zuru oke” – “no one’s life is complete” so don’t go around as if you have a monopoly on problems, everyone has stuff they are dealing with so don’t worry and be happy!

A Hobby – Your Thing: My thing is reading. I love books. I was cultured into loving books but you can pick a hobby at anytime. It can be a sport, craft, or an activity. Having your thing links to having “Me” time. A defined interest helps with intentional living because you define how you want to spend your free time. Not everywhere you are called, you answer.

Please note that though I follow these guidelines, I am not fixated. I try to be accommodating and when hitches come up, I count it all joy and continue where I left off.



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