Planning Your Disneyworld Holiday

Ok so you know we all work so hard whether we are working moms, business women or stay at home mamas so when it’s time to have a holiday with the family it’s needs to be as stressless as possible. While this post is specifically for Disneyworld it will work as a general guide for most popular vacations spots.
Research the locations, resorts, local attractions, parks, research the hotels, research the kind of tickets you want, research the rides so you know which ones to use your fast pass for. Just research and then plan. For us based on our research we decided to get a 3 day one park a day pass which you can use for 3 days over a 5 day period. For example we picked Animal Kingdom which was good for all of us, Magic Kingdom which had more stuff for my younger children and then the fireworks at night which we all loved. We choose to go to Epcot for our last day as it was more chill and a good way to wind up our Disneyworld activities.  Everyone has different preferences so make sure that whatever you choose to do you pick  something for everyone. Taking cognisance of your childrens ages will help you as you research age appropriate activities.
Plan ahead !
This is the number one way to save money and save yourself from needless stress.  Get your flight tickets very early (call an agent to check when there is a promo or when rates are best i.e low season ). ps. when I say early I mean like a year early..minimum 6 months. You can also set Google flight alerts to be notified about promotions.
Again, plan ahead!
This is just to reiterate the importance of having a plan. For your accommodation try to book early as you can save tons and the nice places fill fast. Use websites like to find the kind of hotel you would like as for most places you don’t have to pay until arrival. Disney has resorts on site but they are kinda pricey so I chose a hotel that had a free shuttle and to and from Disney and also one with free breakfast as I wasn’t in the mood for plenty cooking. You can also find a resort that has lots of fun activities for the children. Just read the reviews and find whats most important to you and your crew. If you want to stay at a Disney Resort then Art of Animation appears to be the most reasonably priced. However there are resorts with different price ranges, that appeal to different ages and Disney has dining plans which you can research. You can also use agents to book your whole holiday experience and save yourself the stress.
Download the App
This is helpful when planning your day, picking and keeping track of your fast passes. A fastpass helps you avoid  long queues on certain rides which you will definitely need for popular rides like Avatar Flight of Passage (Animal Kingdom),  Kali River Rapids (Animal Kingdom), Rock and Roller Coaster (Hollywood Studios) Soarin through the World (Epcot) , Test Track ( Epcot),  Splash Mountain (Magic Kingdom) and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Magic Kingdom amongst many others.
The app also helps you with timing and directions and other information concerning the rides plus for some of the restaurants you can order ahead and avoid the queues(lines) . Trust me you will need to skip some queues as some are mega looong and no shunting is allowed!
Wait for the landlords to go back to schools
People visit Disney from all over the world. With over 52 million visitors a year  and up to 50 thousand per day it can get pretty crowded. If you are planning to visit Disney over summer I would suggest waiting until mid to late August when American schools have resumed as the crowds may be less overwhelming then.
Rent a stroller get a fan
If your children are 5 and under you will need a stroller especially for the bigger parks. It will be extra stressful and annoying if after one hour someone starts to cry “I am tired” . Also get a fan to hook on the stroller or buy a battery controlled one. It’s also a good idea to get poncho raincoats online in case it rains. Also ensure everyone is appropriately dressed and uses the bathroom before you set out as you will do alot of walking around. Do your best to make the the experience comfortable for all concerned.
Buy outside the Park
Park prices are always high so if you are on a  budget you can buy a lot of your memorabilia outside Disney.  For example the Bubble makers in Disney are at least $25 while you can get something similar for about $9 elsewhere.  Same with food , since you are allowed to take in your own food consider packing fruits, drinks and snacks so you don’t have to spend too much on food while in the Disney parks. If you get water bottles  or buy their signature cups there are sufficient water points at the park where you can refill.
Go with the flow
While you may have a lot planned out be prepared to go to the flow so no one gets burned out.  On one day you may decide to start early while on another day a mid day start is perfectly ok. If you are doing more than one Disney park then a day to rest in between may be a good idea  The important thing is to make sure you actually have fun and feel relaxed. Also be prepared for stuff you can’t  control and generally have a good attitude and be prepared to have fun.


Go to other places 
If you go all the way to Orlando there is so much to do beyond Disneyworld so make sure after Disney you schedule a couple other places into your trip. Universal Studios, SeaWorld (has some amazing rides) , Legoland are just a few of the places to visit and the  with about three outlet shopping malls you can do some great shopping.
So if Orlando is your next holiday spot you are in for a great time!

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