Easy Treats for the family : Beef Suya

With everyone still on lockdown it’s time to think of more exciting things to make at home. Suya is a grilled savoury meat that originated in Northern Nigeria but is enjoyed all over the country. It is usually made with beef but can also be made with Chicken or other meats. I made it for the first time when I was studying for a Masters in Southern England and was seriously craving home food. My son reminded me about it a few days ago, so I gave it a go and it turned out great. Hope you enjoy trying this out.



Beef (sirloin steak is the best for this but any part will work)
Yaji/suya spice (you can improvise if you don’t have yaji)*
Groundnut Oil (you can improvise if you don’t have)**
Garlic (dry or ground)
Ginger (dry or ground)
Salt (to taste)

*If you do not have Yaji, then mix crushed groundnut (use your dry grinder) ginger powder, uda (used in pepper soup), dry pepper. Some Suya men (known as mai suya) actually sell Yaji or you can order online.
** You can use peanut butter or crush some roasted groundnuts and infuse in a little oil so that it’s easy to apply.


1. Cut up the beef into thin slices against the grain. I use my palm to hold down the beef chunks and then slice…but please be careful.
2. Pour some groundnut oil over the beef
3. Coat beef generously in suya spice, add in some salt, dry garlic and ginger
4. Allow to marinate for at least 2 hours
5. Use a brush to apply more groundnut oil on the seasoned beef
6. Put into the oven at medium heat and at intervals brush some oil so it doesn’t dry up
7. It should be ready in about 20 minutes….because the stripes of meat are thin it does not take that much time to get ready.

Ps. If you want to use skewers then soak them a day in water so that they don’t burn in the oven. You can also try this with chicken as well!

Serve with Onions!


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