Easy treats to bake with the family: Homemade Bread

Bread was what started my love affair with baking, when I was a little girl I found a book on the history of bread and I loved it. It went through time talking about bread though the ages and had a recipe at the end. I remember how I would mess up the kitchen baking different things (I had to clean up afterwards lol!) and I never stopped baking.  I have not baked bread in a while but with everyone on lock down this is the perfect time. Like I noted in my other baking recipes  I always use the American system of measuring for baking, I am a relaxed baker and it’s easier for me than using a scale. If you don’t have standard measuring cups used for baking then you can order online on Konga or Jumia.

The Dough:

5 to 6 cups of Flour
3/4 cup of white or brown sugar (you may add less)
2 cups of warm water or  milk (I always mix water with powdered milk)
15g or one and a half tablespoon of yeast
half a cup of oil
1 teaspoon salt


1.Warm the milk and add just one table spoon of sugar …make sure the milk is warm not hot then add the yeast in and leave for 5 minutes. You will see that the yeast has proved and the milk is frothy (foamy). If the yeast does not prove then perhaps the milk was not warm enough so re heat and add half a teaspoon of yeast and try again.

2.Add the  sugar, and oil into the milk mixture and mix well.

3.Add the  flour  (mix after you add each  cup) add salt and and mix well

4.If you have a very sticky consistency then add a little flour (less than a handful) and then start kneading

5.Knead the dough for about 6 minutes and form into a fairly ball…it may be a be sticky but thats fine, feel free to add granola or oats.

6.Put dough in a greased bowl (use butter) cover with a clean napkin and put in a warm dark place for an hour or until it has risen to at least twice it’s size.

7.Get two baking pans and grease well with oil or butter.  You can also use a round pan and try bread rolls as shown in the image below.

Allow rise for another 20 to 30 minutes then put in a pre heated oven (medium heat or gas mark 7)  for 30 to 40 minutes.

To be sure its done just tap loaf and it should be hollow. Allow to cool on wire rack before slicing.



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