Morerinayo Odunola : Baking her way up!

Tell us about your growing up years and educational background?
Growing up as the first born out of 7 made me develop a leadership and motherly role.
For my educational background, I studied French Language in the University of Ilorin and I have an MBA in Human Resources Management from the University of Wales, UK.
I know you had a 9 to 5? Did you ever plan to be an entrepreneur?

I never ever thought or planned to become an entrepreneur .

How supportive was your family.?

Very very supportive. Name that area of life, they were there.

Why did you choose cakes and did you get any training? 

Well, I think God already knew the end from the beginning… Before I left work, I won a 6 burner gas cooker which had an oven.  However, I had a electric oven that I never used. lol) .

So back to your question, where I lived (rented apartment of four flats), two of my neighbors were bakers. They were the ones who taught me the basics. They said, at least I should be able to bake for my family. Lol. That’s how I chose cakes.

So when I decided to turn it to business, I started going for trainings here and there.

What made you take the full plunge into entrepreneurship.

Even though I hated it initially, I knew I just had to get up and do something. The bible says, whatsoever your hand finds to do, DO IT! I decided to do it in full confidence God was aware of my new transitioning and He would not mismanage my life.

Apart from that, I was already used to having money early in life. I just had to learn how to make money apart from a 9-5.

Most Discouraging moment and what mistakes did you make initially ? 

Well, maybe I’d say not getting another job was the discouraging moment or getting to know some people are just there because you have to give them. Lol

For mistakes, I can’t think of any right now.

Biggest breakthrough?

I think my biggest breakthrough was, we moving to our own house in Asokoro. So my new location helped my business greatly.

How did you get capital to start? 

My husband gave me capital of 200,000naira to start.

What challenges did you face when you started and how did you surmount them?

I think it was fear of not being good enough. Remember, I had zero knowledge of entrepreneurship. I learnt on the job. So I wasn’t sure if people would really love my cakes. I surmounted them by improving and investing in myself and I gained my confidence back.

How about being a mum to a young child, how have you been able to combine that and business ?

Men! It’s work and sometimes hard. I have 3 of them. It hasn’t been easy. Sometimes I am just tired. Sometimes, I just take a break, sometimes I say, I have come too far to go back. At a point, I got a domestic staff. We just have to keep moving .

Advice for other Mums of young children planning to start businesses? 

It’s not a walk in the park. Make sure you have a good support system – it could be your spouse, family, friend, domestic staff etc. Don’t be afraid to ask for help…Lastly, in the process of starting, celebrate every little progress or improvement. If you also fail, dust yourself and try again.

What do you wish you knew before starting off?

Well, let me say, I wish I knew the God who was with me in 9-5 was still greatly present in my entrepreneurial journey. I was so afraid then but today, I can boast in the Lord!

What can we expect from Miel in the future?

Except God turns my affairs into something else again…

My 9-5 moulded me as I worked in a structured international organization. This has been my goal to replicate by making it a household name where even my staff would have a good working experience and customers also enjoy their shopping experience so help me God.


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