Book Review: Portrait of a Homemaker by Mine Ujam

“I am a housewife… ”  be honest what perception do you have of women who are house wives a.k.a  home makers or SAHMS (Stay at home mums). Many times we see such mums as women who do not want to work but what work could be more tasking that running a home and looking after a family full time! I have experienced being a SAHM as I willingly resigned from work about 13 years ago to spend more time with my young family. I had a small business and even though I went back to paid employment a couple of years later I enjoyed the time I have fond memories of that period. Even when I chose to work I purposely looked out for jobs in the public sector to enable me close early and be able to spend more time with my children.

Thus when I saw the title of this  book by Mine Ujam I was very pleased! Her aim is ensure that mothers who have chosen to be home makers feel empowered and fulfilled in this very unique role. Another of her aims is ensure the society has a better appreciation for this all important role.

From the first chapter she takes us through the history of being a home maker right from pre historic times to the way the role exists today. Through it all one thing is for sure…the House wife or Home maker of today is a far cry from what it used to be. Today’s Home maker looks more like Michelle Obama and less like that woman who spends the whole day in the kitchen…well educated, very employable, knowledgeable, trendy and a huge asset to the family in everyway, she can hold it down in the kitchen too!

In the 2nd chapter the author goes on to discuss the challenges of the modern wife vis-a vis the expectations the societies have of her. Does she meet them , does she surpass them and do these expectations really matter? Perhaps they are just an unnecessary burden? Get a copy to discover more.

The truth is that the debate between whether a mother should become a career woman or a housewife has gone on for a long time.  To add her wisdom to this debate in chapter 3 the author explores challenges  faced by a woman who may want to fulfil the role of a home maker versus that of a full time work life. She then gives tips for assist those who have chosen to be home makers get the best experience.
In the next chapter the author looks at how a home makers true value can be actualized not only in the home but also in her community and society at large. She looks at the impact a  focused home maker can make by understanding just how significant her role is  in the grand scheme of life. After all it is commonly said that the hand that rocks the cradle indeed does rule the world!
However like we know there is no perfect situation  and being a home maker comes with it’s own unique set of challenges.  The author does a yeoman’s job of identifying any of such challenges and proffers solutions to enable dedicated home makers eradicate them.
The author ends the book with a call to action to all women  irrespective of their status to understand the importance of being self-empowered not just for themselves but for the nation.  This empowerment cuts across board, educational empowerment, psychological empowerment, political and of course economic empowerment. This must be stressed as for many women who would love to embrace the role of being full time home makers one hindrance is the thought of being economically reliant. However, like the author explains there are a lot of options and a good search online will help you find a way of earning some money while still being a SAHM. However, even more important is being psychologically empowered, because being a home maker has loads of critics and you must be love what your do and see value in it for you and your family.
This book is truly a gem not just for home maker but for all women as it will help you understand more about the interesting and valuable vocation. Thanks Mine and well done!
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