How to reduce screentime

No thanks to an elongated period at home have your children gotten addicted to their screens ? Are they always watching TV or picking up the phone? Do they throw tantrums and scream when they don’t have any devices to play with?
I noticed my youngest was spending too much time watching TV and playing games. So I had to remind myself of what I did with his older siblings and learn even more tips to reduce screen time. The truth is that they are more creative without constant TV and game playing.
Here are a few!
  • Introduce your kids to safe, outdoor activities such as cycling, sports, hide and seek, climbing trees etc. This games allow your children get fresh air and build agility, strength and more.
  • Play indoor games like board games and card games. Board games and card games are not only entertaining but also help with quantitative and qualitative reasoning. Games like our native “Ayo”‘ , scrabble , whot, ludo, monopoly, chess etc. teach children the importance of strategy, following directions , team work and also create a bond between the players.
  • Encourage creativity by buying crayons, paper, craft glue and other craft supplies. Boredom can bring on some amazing creativity, just talk to some of the greatest inventors.
  • Provide books as an alternative to screen time. Book challenges and writing book reports are good ways to get children involved in reading.
  • Get them interactive non-battery operated toys like building blocks and number cards. Such games encourage more analytical thinking
  • Reduce your own screentime. We need to take the lead in what we want to achieve. Some parents sleep on Facebook or Instagram and then want to correct their children, physician heal thyself.
  •  Let them see screentime as a privilege. Remember when TV started at 4pm and children’s programs ended just before the news? These days there is TV 24/7  which is way to distraction. When school starts try to leave TV and games for weekends or holidays and even during the holiday the hours should be limited.
  • Keep screens and devices out of the bedroom. Bedrooms are for rest and relaxation.
  • Switch off notifications and delete some apps. Also add apps like family link that help track and stop usage.
  • Let them enjoy more play dates with friends and neighbours.
Ps. Most people in the tech industry don’t allow their children have devices early …they know how distracting and addictive they are. Do share your tips to help reduce screentime.

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