Back to School!

Good evening I have a new video on my  YouTube channel to help you and your children get ready for school
I also share much more in my “Get ready for school ” guide .. here are a few!
🟦Check their uniforms : Some children may grow a lot during the break so check  and be sure everything fits
🟩Go to the Dentist: Dental appointments should not only be made when the child has teeth, rather they should be made once of twice a year to check for general oral health and more.
🟪Draw up charts: Begin to make plans for school and home lunch by drawing up charts using the free templates in my “Get ready for school”  guide
🟥Prepare: Both the parents and child should prepare mentally and otherwise i.e. hair should be done e.t.c
🟨Pray : Commit the New term and session to the Lord

What are your favorite back to school tips?

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