Lessons I Learnt from the Speech of the Olu of Warri

Pls remain seated: A man of courtesy, grace, kind consideration. he didn’t want to inconvenience people by compelling them to stand through his speech. Like I told Wendy of @intentionalparenting “fa zuru ya ofuma” . The fact that he was well brought up shows clearly.

In the name of most HIGH God : A King who knows the KING of Kings! I think this was the sweetest part of his coronation. The way he praised, the way he gave God glory. The way he acknowledged him… may prayer for the Olu is that as he has acknowledged God , so shall He direct his path.

Olu of Warri and his Wife

He graciously paid respect to his late Uncle : Now there was clearly some backstory drama which the late Olu (his Uncle) may or may not have been part of. However he didn’t let that show and graciously honoured his predecessor and his legacy.

He recognized those who stood by Him : Everyone needs people to stand be his side and fight for him…even royalty. The Olu showed Gratitude (an important virtue) to some of those who had his back. When the victory comes never forget those who fought in the trenches.

interegnum : Iwe!! Supu!! lol! see when they say readers are leaders it’s not cliche. The 21st Olu of Warri is clearly a reader and his use of language showed this.

God has turned evil for good …Yes the old crown was stolen but we move! New and better crowns full loaded and made with a more previous metal..gold!

Reversal! “I release forgivness and healing and unprecedented peace, progress and development”.. The Olu knew that curses needed to be reversed and boldy made such declaration. As a child God you have the authority through Jesus to reverse whatever curse… no matter how old or how strong…the ancient of days can reverse and who God has blessed no man can curse.

Because Itshekiri is Blessed Nigeria is Blessed… When One part of the body is ill it affects the whole. In the same way when one part is well then it affects the whole. We must always pray for the peace of Nigeria (even those of you that have ported)

It’s not our desire to prosper in isolation.. This is connected to the above point. It’s so cool when you and your neighbors are all prospering. You can just wake up and plan a private retreat in Dubai or Monaco… no one will be saying ” I’m broke”. Tbh there is no Joy in being prosperous and being surrounded by lack… it’s also puts your prosperity in danger.

His love and support for the women in his life and the women in his community:

The Olu honoured his mother and his Queen. He understood the important role they both play in his life ( His Past , His Present and His Future).

He also understood that when women progress a community progresses. Ogiame suooo!

Full dependence on God… this King belongs to God.

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