Helping your Children Stay Drug Free

One Saturday I was talking to a friend and the issue of drug use among young adults came up. The next day I was talking to my son and the issue came up again and he encouraged me to talk more about drug use on here. Parents it’s worse than you can imagine.

Children are abusing all sorts of substances and it’s not about whether they are in Canada or Abuja…it’s everywhere and easily accessible. Media doesn’t help as it often glamorizes drug use (a no of popular musicians use and sing about drugs openly) 
⚫Pls let’s take our time to pass on the right values to our children so that they are self-aware and can say no to drugs.
🟀 Let’s help them build their confidence and have clear lines of communication so they can tell us their struggles.
πŸ”΅Talk to your teen, educate them on the dangers of drugs and why they shouldn’t even try it. Children who have been talked to by their parents are 400% less likely to engage in abuse. Don’t lecture or scare them rather ask their views and talk to them about consequences and more. 
🟑encourage other activities: Iceland has very low drug use which has been attributed to after school activities. sporting activities are especially good.
🟣Friends and pressure: if their closest pals are engaged in drug abuse then it may be easier for them to do same. 
πŸ”΄Model: Your children watch you so if you are getting drunk and high and drugs then it’s easier for them to do same. 
🟒Build close bonds: It’s easier to communicate and impact when you share a close bond with your child. 
If you suspect something is off then once again talk to them ….. Let them know it’s because you care and seek help from the right sources.

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