Lessons from Tobi Amusan

Tobi Amusan is the girl of the moment, and watching her on the podium made me teary-eyed! I learnt a few lessons from her win.

Persistence pays: despite a series of coming 4th a few times and facing discouragement from different corners, she didn’t give up. “I was the almost girl, I got fourth, fourth, fourth. Now I finally did it.”

Speak it: In a tweet in 2016, she made it clear that she had victory on her mind …”Unknown now, but 🔜 I will be UNFORGETTABLE … I will Persist until I SUCCEED”.

Says it loud: Yes o… even her colleague Williams of Jamaica attested that Tobi spoke her win into existence. “…I saw a little snippet of what Tobi wrote: “Incoming world record holder.’
“To see it unfold today is amazing. I am proud of Tobi. Definitely, she can speak things into existence.”

Parental support rocks: Tobi’s parents are teachers, and her father hasn’t been supportive. In fact, at a point he burnt her track gear, but Mum saw something in her and supported her aspirations against all odds. In Tobi’s words, “My mum saw what I didn’t see in myself and she felt she could give me a chance. She kept telling me not to disappoint her.” Tobi, you have done Mummy proud!

Parents, don’t pass on your issues: Tobis mum didn’t support her at first. Her parents had been athletes in their youth and her mum had a bad experience of being abandoned by the authorities after getting injured. However she was able to look beyond her past and support her daughter’s awesome talent and dreams.

Change is sometimes crucial: Tobi’s first love was football, and while she was good her area of excellence was her speed, and she was advised to try the tracks.

Stay calm and carry on: Speaking about the race, Tobi knew her competition was stiff but she stayed calm. The field was hot, and the goal was to execute and make it to the final. “Seeing the world record was like yes but I had to keep my composure for the final and I think I handled that pretty good, all thanks to God.”

She inspires: Another champion, Ese Brume said seeing Tobi win did something for her… she burst into tongues and went ahead to win a silver medal!

All glory to God: You hear it and see it in everything she says and does…she gives glory to God!

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