In 2015 I went for a Masters degree in the UK. It wasn’t easy as I went with two young children (one under 2) but I was determined to finish with a distinction.

When I got the results for my first assessment I was like “is this a joke?” My score was mediocre, and my distinction dream was being threatened. I quickly went to see my lecturer to ask him “how far?” and he said… “yes you wrote everything you had been taught but I didn’t see your views or opinions in all this…do you agree with my position “

I was surprised! Do I agree? In all my years all I needed to pass an exam well was to give the lecturer what he gave me. 

Whether I agreed with the lecturers’ position was inconsequential and expressing your own opinion meant you didn’t want an “A”. It was then I understood the importance of critical thinking and being able to properly analyse a question.

I quickly adjusted my answering style and made the distinction I wanted.

Like the Ghanaian official in a trending video said we can’t memorise our way out of poverty. 

We must teach our children to exercise critical thinking and be innovative in their approach. We must teach them it’s ok to respectfully question situations and express their views. We must not shush them up into submission and silence.

Educators and policy makers in the education sector need to ensure we aren’t left behind. As working parents let us groom our children to be individuals who won’t be afraid to say what needs to be said, stand tall and speak positively into our future!

Have a beautiful weekend.


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