Nurturing Empathy in Children

Recently, I heard the National Anthem in church, and I was emotional. It made me realise how much I love Nigeria. The Pastor reminded us that righteousness truly exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach. Part of the sin that abounds in our nation’s are wicked acts across all levels.

How else do you explain a young woman being rushed to the hospital after being attacked by “one chance” and being allowed to die?

We can help change this wicked narrative by nurturing kindness and empathy in our children. Here are a few ways:
💚Show them: Children are quick to model the behavior of people around them. When they see you show empathy to others, i.e., family, friends, and domestic help, they are able to learn to do the same. 
💛Tell them: Talk to them about your emotions. When you are happy, sad, frustrated, or mad (angry), let them know. Shielding them from the full range of your emotions will not help them develop empathy.
🧡Teach them: Apart from what they see you do, you must intentionally teach them to show empathy. For example, if a classmate loses a loved one, ask them to reach out
💜Read to them: Storytelling is a gift and can be used to instill good values and build empathy. Look for stories that show a range of emotions and teach lessons around empathy. ‘First Day at the Big School’ does this
❤️ Empathize with them. Do not ignore their feelings. So the dance in this video is one of hope—that as we mark independence, we have more things to truly dance about!

Thanks for this song @tybello ♥️ 

Have a blessed Independence Day! Chiomah 🇳🇬

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