Building Meaningful Connections in a Busy World

With women, the issue of friendship can be quite complicated, especially in this extremely busy world. How often have you heard of friends who stab their besties in the back or just start behaving funny for no apparent reason? Many end up becoming suspicious and find it hard to trust anyone, while others become as ruthless as the bad friends they once had. Some will tell you that good friends don’t exist and that outside of your family, there really is no point in having friends.

Beyond friendships; connections in general; are important, and even the most introverted person needs connections in different areas of their life. Not just connections for the sake of it but meaningful ones that enrich you and make you better.

The truth is that as life gets busier, it can get harder to make meaningful connections. Life is fast-paced, and competing interests make it difficult to invest a lot of time in friendships.

However, no matter how busy we get, everyone wants one or two people whom they can call “ore mi” from the bottom of their hearts. That person who she knows has her back no matter what and who looks out for her all the time.

Friendships made:

Friendships broken: In the same way, it’s also true that some friendships are not meant to last a lifetime, and even though it hurts when you have invested in a friendship for years and then your so-called bff throws it all away, rather than cry why not learn the lessons and move on? Rather than rushing into new relationships where you end up being hurt again try and learn to be good to yourself and others.

It’s also important to realise that the foundation for some friendships was flawed from the beginning, and the relationship was doomed for disaster. An example is a friendship based on gossip and negativity, which lacks substance and does not enrich the life of either party. Some breakups are actually better for us and beneficial in the long run, even though the separation is difficult. In summary, don’t cry for the loss of a friendship; rather rejoice at all the opportunities out there to make new exciting friendships because after all is said and done all you really need are a few good friends.

Written by by Chioma Momah

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