Borisade, Resign!


Borisade is our current Minister of Aviation.

I have nothing against him but his track record is terrible. When he was in Education his ineptitude was clear, now that he’s in Aviation, it is even worse.
There have been 5 aviation accidents this year -not because our pilots are bad or our planes are old but because some people are just not doing their jobs! There was an accident on Sunday, and like most air disasters it was ghastly.

Rather than investigating what led to the incidence, the Minister hastily heaped the blame on the pilot.
When the weather is bad, normally, the airport should be closed but this was not done. Instead, Borisade accused the pilot for going against the advise of the Air Traffic Control (ATC) at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport.

I think the man has no ethics and should do the honourable thing which, in this moment, is to resign.
I will be back to say more on this disaster


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  1. Hey girl! I LOVE your blog! Great work, and please keep blogging. Yes o, Borisade needs to resign – and if he is too shameless to resign, our dear OBJ should sack him. OBJm obviously owes Borisade something. May God give us leaders without debts to pay off. Amen! We need to elect the right people next year o! By the way, it’s me your dear immediate younger sis.

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