Moving Wahala!


Remember in my last post I said I had fears of moving?

Well, this is really the first time I have actively been involved in moving houses and it has been ROUGH! There’s just so much to do!

So, my husband has this NGO called LILFELINE (they provide free emergency services for accident victims) and we had a charity walk today. The 6km walk went well but I couldn’t get anything appropriate to wear because my stuff is upside down. Who ever said moving was fun?

Also, we have no internet yet in this new place… this means I can’t blog as often as I would love to… sigh.

This is not all a sad tale, amidst the moving wahala, bad wardrobe days and no internet, I LOVE my new house! I wake up every morning, look past all the brown boxes of unpacked stuff and say a big “Thank You” to God for my new home!

I can’t complain…



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