Okay, I just had to share this story really quick.

Remember I wrote a post on infidelity a few weeks ago? Well, just today I heard an interesting story on infidelity.

Apparently, there is this police officer in Masaka (outkirts of abuja) who has been having an affair with a junior police officer’s wife. When the junior officer found out (from neighbours) he confronted his wife who denied the allegation, he also went ahead to report to his mother-in-law but instead, she supported her daughter and insulted the son-in-law. The stories continued and so the junior officer went to see a babalawo who made some charms popularly known as Magun by the Yoruba’s.

Anyway, senior officer and his lover were both at it yesterday and when they tried to separate they couldn’t! When they shouted for help their neighbours covered them with a wrapper and put them in a wheel barrow, knowing it wasn’t anything medical, they took them to the police station (I’m guessing because two police men are involved). A guy from my office said he actually went to see the couple who are now “stuck” together, in fact people have been coming from all over to catch a glimpse of the adulterous couple.

The junior officer has said that they will remain stuck together until his mother-in-law comes and sees her daughter with her own eyes.



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  1. lol oh my goodness!!!!If I was there I would have to gone see them too..LMAO. Really juju is a terrible thing but men some pple just push pple there cos I can imagine how his mother inlaw must ve cursed him out…u know when yoruba pple dey abuse person no be joke..anyway karma is a biyach i keep us updated on this story o…
    btw keep up the good job,actually read ur blog everyday…welldone

  2. MY Goodness!!!So these stories are true!Things like this really do happen!I’m sure it’ll be on newsline.My driver keeps telling me about Magun and it’s magic,how some of his neighbours lace their wives with it.He has also told me stories about his cousin transforming himself into a bush pig after being shot in the bush during a hunting spree.The case is also at the police station.Now I’ll have to beleive that as well.
    Chioma what do you think will happen if this case is transferred to court?

  3. Wonders shall never cease to happen… serves the woman right, instead of her to have stopped wen her husband confronted her…. but the guy sef try oh, he get heart to do that kain thing..definitely, na automatic divorce this case go be.

  4. The devil works through his own.Yes a lot will happen to anyone who will depart from truth. What a mother inlaw the junior officer has, a mother who could not assist her daughter in living a life of truth. i believe is like daughter like mother.

  5. @mochafella &abi- will keep u updated and find out if any pictures were taken.Glad you like my blog
    @mrssomebody- my sister these crazy things happen oh, alot of things happen that will shock you. i however try not to dwell on evil stuff. In court well i really dont think any court will take it up, i heard that the police said they had no business with such a case.
    excitedjade@u will be suprised that after all this the couple will still stay together.
    @truth- very true
    @ababoy- nna i didnt see it with my own eyes but i know that devils evil power is available for those who want it and bablalwos are all over the place.

  6. Chioma

    LOL. This is so funny but tragic too. So what happens if he wants to piss?

    I wish it would happen to those men and their handbags

  7. buahaaaa….yeparipa! I thought dis sort of thing still only happens in nollywood! Since when have they been in dis condition? I can only imagine how the scene would be like. Honestly, i wan see d pics abeg. Seeing is believing, as our people I wish there’s magun for our men too. Hopefully, it’ll decrease d infidelity rates in our country.

  8. Ahahahahah so they are STUCK?? Hope they can be separated eventually.

    Chioma welcome back, how aws the trip? Bet u had loads of fun. Glad to have u back, actually missed ur page.

  9. I read it in the dailys and was like why that?she should have been sent away long time instead of that scandal.Anyway,i hope the man knows that if you bend down dey look at another person yansh,dont forget you are exposing yours too,he should know that the kids are involved somehow bcos they cant change their mother.I can never support her but he has enough ground for divorce

  10. @anon-who knows?@daddys girl,nanya- na real wa.
    @wienna- decreas? i doubt it, maybe among some people esp in rural areas.But in the city how many men or women will want to expose their spouses(and as anijaife said) and themselves publicly? also its fetish so no true believer will resort to such
    @babe plus- thanks oh..i really missed naija food.
    finding babalawo is actually easy..they have signboards these days, so that shows they get lots of patronage.haven’t seen thundebolt but i guess its based on a true story

  11. I am still yet to believe if this ‘Magun’ thing does actually happen or not…I know there are some places where it is done. But whether it is true or not…it bites me. But Thank you for making me laugh…this is why I miss Naija…especially all those Oshodi story. have a great weekend.

  12. I don’t believe those stuff. I have to see for myself. Are sure he didn’t have some kind of prior medical condition?

  13. lol!!!!! this is so funny. i’ve heard such cases before but i just found it hard to believe but everything that has to do with juju is possible in naija right? obviuosly im against black magic but this one was too good. people could use it to catch cheating spouses.

  14. Funny spectacle.I heard it and wished i live in Abuja…its always been “dem say” for me too..Nice blog.Inspirational pple in the South African post.

  15. I have no problem believing things like these are true. The parties involved all deserve what they get, everyday for the thief abi, one day for the owner. Very good for them ntoo

  16. Ok, i am freaked out! The last time i heard something like that was in a Yoruba film titled Magun but i didn’t know people still do such things in real life. Thanksto aloted for providing a link to your blog on hers, i would have missed this sweet gist.

    So i am also very interested in the update of this gist myself. Are they still glued together. Serves the cheating woman right, i couldn’t imagine cheating on my husband though i don’t support juju as the way out for the suspecting husband.

  17. That is actually a medical condition known as ‘Penitus Captivus’ – a condition of the woman’s vaginal muscles clamping down firmly on the man’s penis. What I would like to know however, is what it is they do to induce the situation in women.

    You know that is isn’t every medicine/drug/herb that oyibos know now. I need to work closely with some Babalawos to know what it is they use.

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