Bad Breath!


What do you do when someone close to you has breath issues. I mean, I have made very few friends in Abuja but “A” is on of the best. Lovely personality, caring, giving, just a great person.

However, girlfriend has halitosis… I mean once she opens her mouth… BOOM! I have talked to her about it and bought her mouthwash but the boom goes on and on.

I often wonder how her spouse and her cope but I guess he sees past that (just like I do). I just worry that it’s not good for her image. I wonder what people say behind her back. Do you guys know anything that I can recommend to “A” because now that I am preggie, my sense of smell is really keen and I avoid her (she doesn’t know the real reason, she thinks I am just too tired to stop over at her place).

God bless you all


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  1. tell her to use the mouthwash everyday, morning and night!!, and FLOSS, FLOSS, FLOSS and she should also brush her tongue, thats very very important. She should also have mints handy…i mean really strong mints, like altoids or something and use them all the time, but mints with bad breath is nasty…..but if she maintains this routine i think it will help…….

  2. If she knows u know about her condition, then research and find out a good dentist in town, who u can recommend her to.

  3. She needs to see the dentist! Bad breath can be caused by a lot of things but the most common are dental related- things like gum disease (gingivitis and periodontitis), also cavities or a tongue that doesn’t get brushed. So I think first thing she needs to do is see a dentist (I know i just said that), get a cleaning, get her cavities filled. She also needs to maintain a good homecare routine – brush (including her tongue) and floss. Things like mouthwash and mints also help. If it still doesn’t stop (it usually does) then the cause may be medical in nature.
    Sorry for the long comment, but i happen to be a dentist and I just had to go on and on 🙂

  4. At least you are bold to tell her, I have not told my friend, i figured she must know by now and mos def her husband does too.
    Maybe I will just by parsley for my friend too.

  5. Na wa oh, mehn i cant even imagine, omo make she go seek help, but mehn, so she is comfortable with how her mouth smells, dalm, this is one serious issue oh..

  6. I think it has been said. she needs to visit a dentist for deep cleaning… and floss constantly. I think u should sit her down and tell her. I know some pple that also have the same problem around me.. but it is quite hard to tell friends and aunties that they have bad breath.

  7. Thanks for all the advice..will find a sweet way of bringing in the dentist option.
    anu bouy..its not that shes comfortable ..she just feels she cant do anything about save brush 3 times daily..she didnt even now abouit flossing till i told her about it.

  8. ok,
    i’m just discovering your blog. haven’t bn able to do anything at work, (playing catch up)great stuff, read every single thing you’ve posted.
    anyway back to the halitosis issue, u could google some solutions and sebd to her. at least 1st steps has been taken (telling her)

  9. Maybe she should also scrape he tongue in addition to brushing and flossing.

    also chewing rosemary cleans the breath, so does sucking on lemons immediately after the meal… but sounds like something else more serious is going on with her.

  10. Lemon juice, vinegar, honey, and something else…mix it and I forgot. This lady on the radio was giving the natural remedy for this. If I can find it, of course I’ll give it to you.
    Take it easy…

  11. Hey girl…it’s been a are you holding up?
    You get mind o! So you told her? That was nice of you…she has to she has to make her toothbrush/ paste her best friend…carry it everywhere and brush all the time…. she has to floss and crean her tongue always, I mean always!

  12. i can’t stop laughing at all dis comments, nothing to say it’s all been said listerine not flavoured one keep it in her purse till she goes to d dentist

  13. She may need to make some changes to her diet. Some ‘ethnic’ foods, or a combination of them, if taken on a regular basis, can result in bad breath. Try google for more info. I wish her all the best.

  14. No be nige this chic dey!
    Floss ko floss ni

    Dem dey sell floss 4 nig?

    My girl let her get thread n use 2 clean in between her teeth let her smell d stuff that she finds on the thread so she ll neva 4get how 2 wash her mouth well next time

    Also b4 and after brushing tell her 2 take a spoon and use it 2 scrape her tongue

    Use hydrogen peroxide 2 gargle 1st thing in morning and last thing at night

    All d best with ur pregs we r proud of u

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