Boy or girl?

That’s the first question I always get when people see my tummy, “are you having a boy or girl?” or “I hope it’s a girl; I’ll be praying for you.”

When people ask if I am praying for a girl, I always say no. Why? Well, I am hoping for a girl not praying because at this point if it’s a boy, no amount of prayer will change my baby into a girl.

Normally, I don’t bother checking the sex of my unborn baby but with this child the curiosity has been overwhelming, so I checked … like 6 times! The first four times the doctor was like “sorry baby’s legs are closed and can’t see anything”. Of course when I told my mum she was like yes, that means its a girl; ladies always close their legs. My mum in-law (who wants me to have a girl more than I do) chastised me for even trying to check because she has already seen me carrying a girl in one of her dreams.

However, what happened the 5th and 6th time I checked left me confused as one doctor saw a girl and the other saw a boy! I am therefore back to square one, boy or girl? I told my mum in-law about the boy scan mainly because every time she saw me, she kept on talking about “our baby girl”. She was totally devastated when I told her

“no don’t say that, confess positive not negative (lol). Eh, how can you say they saw a boy? It’s a mistake oh! God gives us what we want it can’t be a boy”.

I had to start comforting the poor woman. Who am I to complain about Gods blessings, when people are struggling to even conceive one baby?

At this point though, I still hope it’s a girl.

I don’t care that much about it, all I pray for is a healthy and happy baby!


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  1. I pray have a successful delivery of your baby.

    Maybe you already have many boys and your mum in law wants a girl now.

    I laughed when she said “ladies always close their legs” so guys always ………… (I didn’t say anything) lol.

  2. Thanks for the kind wishes y’all. I have 2 boys and they are hyper so everyone wants a girl.
    when am I due? let me answer this way the babies name could be abiodun. God bless

  3. Oh..december/january baby! congrats…i hope it’s a girl too but like you rightly said, an opportunity to conceive is a blessing, i tap into the grace…on my way to the journey of motherhood

  4. writefreak yep I am due december by the grace of the Almighty. His grace is sufficient and I wish u all the best as u begin your journey too.

    mymt lol…well we will see in a few months.

  5. I just pray you bring forth your aby lik the Hebrew women no matter the sex…i’m crossing my fingers, hoping you have a girl but God will give you a healthy baby no matter what! God bless you and it’s been a whyl!

  6. Chioma hope all is well o

    Been checking ur blog daily to hear the good news

    Since this is the month

    Just wanna say a lil prayer 4 u

    And if u invite us 2 celebrate with u

    Might just come over 2 wack

    Take kia and God be with u

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