My Wonderful Birthing Experience!



No I haven’t had the baby yet!

Baby is 4 days late and I am getting tired of going to bed every night thinking “by morning I would have had this baby”. Anyway, in God’s time I know I will have this baby very soon. The title is however prophetic as I know this childbirth will be easy. Amen!

While waiting for this baby I have read lots of stories about childbirth experiences; women who had bad experiences because of lousy hospital personnel, some had babies at home (because baby came very fast!), some had planned home births with midwives and some who had huge babies 11 lbs and more!

That made me remember my own two miraculous experiences. Growing up my mum had always regaled us with her horrific childbirth experiences… she never went into labour and had to be induced for all six of us. I was her biggest baby at 4.8kg and giving birth to me was especially traumatic for her and both she and the medical personnel were pretty sure she was going to die, so much that they had to send my dad to look for some non existent drug just so he wouldn’t be there when she died. Needless to say she didn’t die and went on to have 3 more children!

So, because of all my mum’s stories, I prayed for a “supernatural childbirth” experience, especially after I read a book by that title. I’ve always asked God to bless me with a hitch free pregnancy and the Hebrew woman style of childbirth and he sure did!

My first son was born on November 28th 2003.

My E.D.D. was Dec 1st and I looked forward to having a December baby. However, I woke up on the morning of November 28th and my water had broken..I excitedly had a bath and got dressed up then proceeded to take pictures with my husband and sis-in-law (was actually in her house) then had breakfast (mainly because I knew I wouldn’t be allowed to eat once I got into hospital).

Got to hospital at about past 10am and walked into the OB triage (where they put you in with other women to determine if you are actually in labour before transferring you to your private labour room). When I got in, the nurse smiled “you can’t be in labour, you look way too happy” however after she strapped me to all the machines she was like “Oops your having super contractions” and I was immediately transferred to the labour room. Meanwhile, I hadn’t felt a thing!

My husband is a doctor so he started getting on my nerves by saying stuff like “well you have at least another 6 hours of labour” I could have hit his head! Between 12 noon and 1 pm I started feeling the contractions and the doctor started offering me an epidural but the pain wasn’t bad (I was gisting with my nurse and husband all through) and I didn’t want an epidural. My main nurse was quite nice and told me how she had a 10lb baby without an epidural and greatly encouraged me. After about an hour of being pestered to take an epidural by the doctor, I agreed to take some Demerol, which dulled the pain but quickly wore off. I asked for another shot of Demerol but by then my cervix was 10cm and I was fully dilated, so it was time to push.

At 2:14 pm Chukwunonso Jeremy was born weighing 8lbs 11 ounces and promptly peed on me! It was a wonderful labour and my husband was happily surprised at how soon it ended.

For my second son, the devil told me it wouldn’t be so easy “second labours are always more painful, don’t think you will have such a blissful experience next time”, I got scared and started to panic. In fact, it was just a few days to my labour that I was able to compose myself and cast away the spirit of fear. I proclaimed that the Glory of this labour would supersede that of the former.

My E.D.D. was March 30th and it passed. I was getting impatient so I went to see my Doctor on the morning of the 5th of April and he told me to come in to be induced the next day. I was a bit disappointed because I really didn’t want to be induced. I spent the day shopping with my parents (My dad was ill and they had come for a second opinion in US, little did I know it would be the last time I would spend with my dad before he really got ill and passed on) and got home really late. I prayed with them and told God that I didn’t really want to be induced, and asked for His will to be done -whatever it was.

Around 2:oo am Nonso’s cries woke me up. As I got up I noticed I was having contractions. no pain but lots of pressure. I dressed up then woke up my parents, my mum took her time to get ready. When I hurried her up she told me to relax, “I am sure this isn’t the real thing”. Not until she saw me go into the toilet twice to empty my bowel did she believe that something was happening. As we were about to leave my dad decided he wanted to come, none of us knew he was in a lot of pain at the time. We left Nonso with my brother and got to the hospital at 3:50 am (mainly because mumsy was scared to go on the freeway and drove on the feeder all the way!) .

I took pictures with my folks and ran to the toilet again. I was in no pain but just had some serious rectal pressure. I ran into the lift and left my dad to finish filling out my forms by the time I got to my labour room I knew the baby was almost out. The nurses called my doctor who had just driven home, he said he wasn’t going to come back so they should handle the delivery, I was overjoyed as I didn’t like him at all! I jumped onto the bed and with one push my precious baby was out.

Chiemelie Daniel was born weighing 7lbs 9oz on April 6th at 4:19, barely 30 minutes after I walked into the hospital.

My mum was speechless and said that if she hadn’t experienced it herself she would never have believed it. My Dad was also really excited as he had never witnessed any of his children being born, so it was really special for him to see a grandchild being born.

Everyone tells me how strong I am during pregnancy and labour but it’s just Gods Grace, and I pray that God bestows the same grace on any other mother who so desires it. Amen


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  1. Beautiful post. I have not experienced childbirth but reading about you and your mother’s experiences make me think of what a great miracle every successful birth is. How great is our God! Looking forward to your good news real soon girl…

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