Another Great Birthing Experience!

My daughter is 3 weeks now, and she’s just a darling. She is the most peaceful baby ever! I just Praise God! Well, let me tell you the events that led to her birth.

30th December- I woke up and saw my show, tried not to get too excited because for my first child I had my show 2 weeks before I went into labour. Anyway, I decided not to go to church, mainly because I was tired of people asking me why the baby hadn’t come yet (my E.D.D. was 23rd Dec).

Later that day, I felt some tightening of my tummy, but it was very irregular so I decided to go for a walk, and visited a friend. At about midnight the tightening (contractions) were like 15 minutes apart so I woke my husband up.. “Its time”.

We got to the hospital 30 minutes later and when I told the receptionist I was in labour she just laughed and said “if na so labour be I claim it”. When a doctor examined me she was surprised to see I was 5cm and in active labour.. “madam you must have a high threshold for pain”. I told her I didn’t, it was just by Gods grace that I wasn’t in pain.

I had told my mum I was in labour but didn’t expect her to show up. Anyway, because she had been there for my last birth (which lasted all of 30 minutes) she thought this one was taking to long and at 3 am when I was 8cm she urged the doctor to give me pitocin to speed up the labour. Through all this, I was watching some movie with Chioma Chukwuka. Ladies that pitocin is something… I went from almost no pain to some crazy pain in 1 minute. It wasn’t funny oh! (though I still managed to watch the movie between contractions lol!).

About an hour later at 4 am, I told the doctor I felt like pushing, it wasn’t true though I was just tired of the pain. Anyway after some feeble attempts at pushing I told my doctor to get a vacuum extractor and on the 31st of December 4:50 am my daughter was born!

It may not have been as easy as my other births but it wasn’t bad! When they took her out to weigh her and all none of us knew whether it was a boy or girl. I had been told by 2 doctors that I was having a boy so we were expecting a boy but hoping for a girl.

My mum asked the doctor with hope “boy or girl?”, he asked her to go and ask the paediatric nurses (naija!). She came back to the labour room screaming. It’s a girl! It’s a girl! She ran and hugged my husband. I smiled because deep inside I had felt it was a girl but didn’t want to get my hopes up.

This was my first birth in naija, and though it wasn’t anything like a US hospital, it was great.

17 thoughts on “Another Great Birthing Experience!

  1. Eyyaaa I’m so happy for you. Congratulations once again, all children are a gift from God but there is nothing like having a girl in the family,wat a lovely christmas/new year present….congrats oh.
    P.S-ur blog was the first i ever read and from then on i became hooked!!!!!!!!!! so I’m extra happy 4 u……LOL

  2. Congratulations! I haven’t been to your blog in the longest so I had no idea you were expecting. I bet your little girl is adorable. I thank God for your safe delivery.

  3. congrats!!! really happy for u…
    i hope ur daughter won’t beef u when she grows up ..this one that u gave birth to her in
    congrats again

  4. I’m sorry I don’t know anyone coming from the DC area to Naija. I myself am here in Bowie, MD, (20 minutes east of DC). If I hear of anyone, i will let you know.

    Is she a big girl now? I mean, is she still wearing 0-3 months clothing?

  5. thanks solomonsydelle…luckily my sister found someone so have recieved my first batch of girly clothes.hurray!..shes is growing fast so and her 0-3 are already quite snug so I am sure she wont wear em for long. My love to tk, te and oga bomboy!

  6. 1st time here.

    Hmm this ur delivery process is kinda cool. I had made up my mind that i will not do normal delivery becaus of the pain.
    Abi u just summarised it ?

    Congratulations on the safe delivery.

  7. Thanks dear.
    lol! its wasn’t bad thing that i know helps is lots of walking..The movement brings the baby down some thus shortening the labour process..Fear not have faith and go natural. Its a mind thing…once you have made up your mind it will cool..then it wont be bad…just relax..anyway when ur due lete me know so i can give u some tips to prepare u mentally for a good labour.

  8. due ke? mommy Olanna, i never marry . I can try and be due Ceteris paribus next year (by fire and by force)lol.

    Dont mind me, will holla you after marriage when i am PG.

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