Testimony Time!


In my church, the last Sunday of the month is usually set aside for thanksgiving and testimonies.
Quite a lot were shared today but the ones that touched me the most were:

1. This was shared by a classmate of mine (lets call her A). It just shows that every disappointment can be a major blessing. In this case her disappointment was that her period had unexpectedly turned up a day before her wedding. She was very upset about it but God is so awesome!
On the way to her new home with her husband a gang of 10 robbers attacked them. All their valuables and travel documents were taken. They then attempted to rape A when she told them she was on her period they doubted her and only left her when they saw her stained pad. Na wa! God save us from these criminals.

2. This was a testimony from a politician, who was basically just thanking God that he kept his hands clean while campaigning for office. He asked to pray for Politicians especially the Christian ones as its really tough for them not to “bow to baal” in the name of power. He gave examples of how his life was threatened because of the seat he sought and how he was approached by a jujuman man who said he would take him into the bush where 5 naked blind women would pray for him and he would definitely win. At the end of the day he went as far as “negotiating” with marabouts but didn’t do anything fetish.
His testimony reminded me of a story A member of the House of Reps told me last year. According to him another man had been competing with him from their constituency and was getting the upper hand. One morning an old lady came to him and said she had been sent to help him. Later that night he followed her into one bush, at one point she removed her clothes and carried a pot on her head. Well the next day his rival came and prostrated to him and begged him to please spare him as he was no longer interested in the office. Imagine that!


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  1. Hi girl! Thank God for His mercies! For the tests we are all going through, our testimonies will come. IJN. Glad to see you are doing great!

  2. wow… Thank God for A, cant imagine anybody body been raped on their wedding day, tufiakwa!!!
    May GOD protect us from ourselves-AMEN

    dearie, hope u are doing great

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