Going back to school!


Motherhood can sometimes feel
like one great big juggling act. For many mothers going back to school can be considered
mission impossible especially when the children are still young. In fact many
will advise you to banish all thoughts of furthering your education until the
children are “of age”. However despite what many people think going back to
school is possible with young children, tough but very possible. Here are a few
ways you can successfully juggle Motherhood and being a student;

Talk about it: Let your lecturer know you have
young children. This is not to elicit pity or special favours (even though you
deserve favours) but just so the faculty has this in mind when setting tutorial
times. If they know some members of the class have young children then rather
than start classes very early they may consider adjusting timetables or they
will avoid holding meetings in the evening.
Ask questions: Don’t feel foolish asking lots of
questions, you are in school to learn after all. Face it you don’t have as much
time as the average student so you can’t afford to have any confusion with your
studies. If you are too shy to ask in class (and you shouldn’t be)  make an appointment with your lecturer or send
an e-mail to clarify anything that’s not clear
Discipline: Being a student mum requires high levels
of organisation. Make sure you organise your time so that everything is as
structured as possible. You have to make time every day to study while not
neglecting your children. If you know you have lots of coursework then attending
every (or any) wedding or social event is not necessary. Cut out the unnecessary
stuff and focus on what matters- your family and your studies.
Support System: You may decide to move to campus
or go to school from home either way you need your support system. If you are
going to school in a different country you need your support system even more.
You folks, siblings, close friends… don’t be afraid to ask them for help when
you need it. It’s only for a while and be rest assured that you will find
people who are happy to help.
Pray: I know this sounds cliché but pray to God
for help because believe me you sure will need some help from above. Ask Him
for easy understanding. This is especially important if you are returning to
school after a long gap as your brain may need some “resetting” to get into
student mode. Ask God to help you focus and manage your time. Also ask Him for
guidance so that you are able to be at your best as a student, mum and wife.
Friends like you: If you can make friends with
other mothers it will help as you can encourage each other in those low moments.
Not only can you exchange notes and share study tips you may also be able to
help each other with the children if necessary.
Friends at large: While it’s cool to have
friends who are also mothers it’s also imperative to be friendly with your other
classmates as well. You never know how they can help you when it matters the
most. Resist the urge to form a mother or married women’s clique and once in a
while you can even hang out with your other mates.
with your spouse
: If you are married this is actually the first thing you
should do. You need your spouse to be almost as committed to your education as
you are. He needs to understand that you need his support in every way possible
especially with the children.
So if one of
your goals for 2016 is going back to school don’t let the children stop you…go
for it!

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  1. Thank you Chiomah for this inspiring post. I can relate to this as I recently went back to school with 3 young kids and completed a masters program a week ago. All the tips you mentioned in this post really did help me. It was a challenging experience especially with kids, but one key thing to remember is children are blessings and should not deter you from achieving whatever goals you want to achieve,although there are times and seasons for everything, know that it is possible if you are driven and hardworking.

  2. Thank you very much Chiomah.I could not have done it without God's help as his grace is truly sufficient.

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