Start working on those dreams today!

I have many things I have always wanted to do and one of the things on my list was writing a children’s book. Year after year I would come up with a theme for my story and actually start but because my collaborators were slacking I gave up. This time I decided to do it by myself (well save the illustration) and with God’s help I did it!

Honestly the whole process of writing this book which is specifically for 5 or 6 year olds starting primary school took longer than I expected but in all of it I learnt a whole lot and I grew. I learnt to ask questions from those who have gone ahead and I learnt to be patient. I also learnt that there are several ways to get the job done.

What Goals do you have for the rest of the year? Start now and you will be pleasantly surprised at how far you will go, even if you don’t quite get it at least you know you tried.

Please buy my book it’s titled “First day at the Big School” and its available on Amazon. Stockists are wanted nationwide

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